Liquid Dispensing Pump Market to Expand Rapidly Post Pandemic

Smart Liquid Soap Dispensing Pumps Help Prevent Exposure to COVID-19

Automatic liquid soap dispensing pumps have witnessed increased popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to contain the spread of the novel infection. Companies in the liquid dispensing pump market such as Jaguar are encouraging consumers to invest in automatic soap dispensers, owing to rising concerns about bathroom sanitization and hygiene. Moreover, guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) emphasize on hand washing as an important practice to prevent exposure to COVID-19.

The growing adoption of the sensor technology and contactless amenities is generating revenue opportunities for companies in the global liquid dispensing pump market. Manufacturers are tapping into long-term growth benefits with innovations in automatic liquid soap dispensing pumps to minimize contact with amenities during hand wash.

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liquid dispensing pump market segmentation

DRDO-approved Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Grow Popular in India

Smart and contactless liquid dispensing pumps deliver uniform sanitizer doses and offer modern aesthetics in various facilities. However, their batteries wear down fast and high purchasing cost of automatic liquid dispensing pumps, especially in developing economies such as India are influencing market growth. Hence, companies in the liquid dispensing pump market including OakMist are increasing the availability of DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation)-approved automatic touchless hand sanitizer dispensers to overcome its conventional drawbacks.

Manufacturers in the liquid dispensing pump market are increasing their production capabilities for wall mounted and compact liquid dispensers that are easy to use and eliminate contact point for users.

Airless Pump Technology, Recyclable Containers Help Gain Competitive Edge

Precise functionality and improved performance have become a prerequisite for manufacturers competing in the largely fragmented liquid dispensing pump market. Raepak – a packaging company in Norwich, England, is recognizing this requirement and gaining proficiency in recycling of containers with stylish designs, embossed pump detailing, and improved performance to meet consumer demands.

Companies in the liquid dispensing pump market are boosting their research in the pump action technology to nearly empty all the liquid from the container. Such technologies help prevent waste of liquids and increase consumer satisfaction. The pump action technology also offers controlled dosage of liquids and enables cost savings for users. The airless pump technology is being highly publicized for incorporating the vacuum and piston in containers to efficiently empty all the liquid from the container.

eCommerce-friendly Packaging Emerges as Megatrend

Personal care and cosmetics are providing stable and long-term revenue streams for stakeholders in the liquid dispensing pump market. However, dropper vials and airless options are emerging as an alternative to liquid dispensing pumps. Hence, manufacturers are adapting to changing needs of consumers with the help of innovations in eCommerce-friendly packaging to expand business streams.

Sustainability and eCommerce-friendly packaging are megatrends in the liquid dispensing pump market. Conscious consumers are opting for 100% recyclable dispensing solutions to reduce plastic waste in the environment. Thus, manufacturers are realizing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for establishing a true circular economy.

Use of Replaceable Bags, Pumps in F&B Industry Reduces Plastic Waste

Apart from healthcare and personal care industries, companies in the liquid dispensing pump market are unlocking growth opportunities in the food & beverages (F&B) industry too. Quantex – an innovator in single-use disposable pump technology is leveraging incremental opportunities in the F&B industry in an effort to reduce plastic waste by introducing replaceable bags and pumps. Manufacturers are developing pumps that are attached to the product’s (ketchup, BBQ sauce or sour cream) primary container, which can be emptied and replaced with another bag and pump.

In the F&B industry, manufacturers in the liquid dispensing pump market are incorporating aseptic valve to prevent bacterial ingress for increased hygiene where the pumps can reverse cycle to prevent any dribble after each dispense.

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Liquid Dispensing Pump Market: Overview

  • According to Transparency Market Research’s latest research report on the global liquid dispensing pump market for the historical period 20182019 and the forecast period 20202030, rising demand for disinfectant products among end users is expected to boost the global liquid dispensing pump market during the forecast period
  • In terms of revenue, the global liquid dispensing pump market is projected to reach the value of US$ 4.2 Bn by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of ~5% during the forecast period

Rising Demand for Disinfectant Products among End Users: Key Driver of Liquid Dispensing Pump Market

  • Average death ratio due to healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) has increased over the past few years. As a result, most medical professionals are opting for regular usage of disinfectants, which is anticipated to drive the liquid dispensing pump market. The high death rate due to HAIs can be understood by the fact that about 72,000 hospitalized patients died due to HAIs in the U.S. acute care hospitals. Various efforts undertaken by different associations at the national and regional level to combat the problem of HAIs, such as the Agency Priority Goal set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is expected to further lead to the rise in demand for surface disinfectant products over the next few years, which will ultimately surge the sales of liquid dispensing pumps.
  • Increasing chronic health disorders, such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, and obesity are expected to create awareness regarding cleanliness and personal hygiene on a domestic level among people, which may foster the growth of the liquid dispensing pump market. Furthermore, the increasing occurrence of infection through transmitted diseases such as COVID-19 may further drive disinfectant sales, which impact the sale of liquid dispensing pumps.