Regular light emitting diode (LED) technology cannot produce the required high lumen output and intensity distinctiveness required to substitute arc lamps. PhlatLight LEDs are unique patented LEDs installed in all the Samsung TVs are planned and manufactured by Luminus Devices, based in US. A single Red green blue PhlatLight LED chipset lights up the projection TVs. The demand for these LED chipsets was very high in 2012-13 and is expected to remain same without any further changes.
Due to the wide usage of these LED chipsets the market is expected to see a growing curve.  The growing need for projection TV’s and expanding need for energy efficient lighting coupled with encouraging government policies in the direction of implementing LED chipsets. LED chipsets are used in broad variety of applications which include consumer electronics backlighting such as laptops, phones and LCD TVs and lighting (automotive lighting, street lighting and general illumination). LED chipsets are offered in different variants such as red, green, yellow, infrared, white and blue.
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Industrial and commercial buildings are the most significant areas of application. Lighting amounts up to 30% of whole energy cost, in commercial buildings. Deployment of LED chipsets is being supported by governments, building owners, many other stakeholders and utilities, as it helps in radically reducing energy consumption. Increasing deployment of the LED chipsets opens the wide opportunity for the product in different markets. As LED chipsets are more used in smart lighting, the drastically rising implementation of smart lighting further drives the market. In addition, LED screens present high quality of display owing to superior level of power brightness and efficiency. LED backlight offers LCD TV’s with enhanced brightness as compared to CCFL television. This allows LED chipsets to convey enhanced picture quality. There is a growing demand for cost effective and energy efficient lighting which advances the market growth. Lack of awareness is one of the factors which hampers the market growth and acts as a restraint.
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By 2019 the LED chipsets market is expected to a two times digit growth in CAGR. This majorly owing to the rising requirement of LED chipsets backlighting in liquid crystal diode panels such as netbooks, PC monitors and televisions. Elevated brightness LED chipsets witness high growth in the market owing to application in Television is shifting from to LED from CCFL technology.
The market for the LED chipsets can be segmented on the basis of application into television, lamps and tubes among others. Furthermore the market can be segmented on the basis of usage into indoor and outdoor. The market can also be segmented on the basis of geography into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW).
Some of tThe key players of the market include Shenzhen Everyday Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., Astera LED technology GmbH, Novel power technologies ltd., Pre accurate incorporation, Hitachi Cable, Dowa Electronics Materials Co Ltd, Huga Optech, , Epistar Corporation, Goldeneye Inc.,  Formosa Epitax, Nichia Corporation, Optek Technology Ltd, Osa Opto Light Gmbh, Kingbright, Osram Opto Semiconductors and Dianid Ltd among others.


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