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Introduction (Lensology Photography)

Lensology Photography is dedicated to providing stunning images in multiple areas of photography, while also providing first class customer service and engaging in an empathic way with all of their clients. In their home territory of South Florida, they are a full-service event photography agency, offering event photography, corporate event photography PLUS associated services, such as high volume event printing, luxury photo booth rentals with their http://www.boothstar.net Photo Booth, multiple photographers, step and repeat, video services, editorial photography, photo-journalism, content syndication etc. They also provide event photography services in other cities such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and beyond. In business since 1999, Lensology accumulates decades of photographic, logistic, organizational, and marketing experience and skills


Lensology Photography is dedicated to providing stunning images in multiple areas of Fort Lauderdale Event Photography and Videography, while also providing first-class customer service and fully understanding and satisfying the needs of their clients.

Whether you are choosing services for your business or for your personal memories and lifestyle, they are here to help, and they offer a comprehensive suite of services to make your event the success you deserve it to be!

In their home territory of South Florida, they are a full-service event photography Agency, offering all aspects of Fort Lauderdale Event Photography, PLUS associated services including but not limited to photographic services, video services, high volume onsite printing, photo booth rental, multiple Fort Lauderdale Event photographers, step and repeat, promotional photography systems, user engagement systems and more….all under one roof.

In many other US cities they offer event photography and videography, and even in some other countries due to their network of talented sub-agents they work with in the photo-journalism wing of their business.

Lensology’s photographers are fully vetted and trained and are long relationship professionals. Many, including their founders, have been published around The Globe in such prestigious media as Hello, People Magazine, The New York Post and beyond.

Why you choose Lensology Photography

Lensology photography is totally different and unique from other photographers.

You can choose them by their some unique qualities.


Their experience in Fort Lauderdale Event Photography, coupled with their experience in the unforgiving and fast paced world of photo-journalism where often, key shots are obtained in a few short seconds under extreme pressure, puts us well ahead of the curve amongst event photography companies.

And their founder members’ experience working in the promotions industry for companies like Red Bull, Guinness and Hyundai Automotive gives them a unique Client-side perspective, that allows them to easily grasp the needs of public and corporate clients alike.

Comfortable working across multiple time zones, they are available 24/7, and are often asked by their clients to travel nationwide.

Fort Lauderdale Event Photography

The Lensology Team accumulates photographic, artistic, logistic, organizational, editorial and marketing experience and skills. They use this skill-set to give back to their valued clients! Whether you’re an event planner, a corporate client, a Bride or a Mitzvah Mom, the value of having multiple services under one roof instantly translates into ease of use, time-saving, consistency of quality and more.


In business since 1999, Lensology Photography is experienced and professional, punctual and insured. They have been published around the globe in prestigious media outlets, and they support The Events Industry with their membership of multiple events industry organizations.

The Digital Age – can sometimes make it confusing to choose quality event photography due to an influx of many inexperienced budget services. Don’t risk disappointment when it comes to your memories or your business.

               Unique Lighting and Color

Lighting and color is really where a lot of great images start. Great lighting can turn a mundane scene into an amazingly colorful scene full of texture and life. In nature, these types of scenes happen all the time during sunrise and sunset, and while we can’t control the lighting of those fleeting moments, if they happen to be in the right place at the right time, they just may be able to capture it (see point number six above). However, they control and create unique lighting on their own with the proper knowledge using off camera lighting, flashes and more. They have professional photographers that can capture more unique photos in good lighting and colour.

Now if you want a best photographer or videographer, you can go to Lensology Photography. You will 100% satisfy. For order and questions please go to their website.

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