Laser Dust Monitoring Market 2024 : To Register A Healthy CAGR For The Forecast Period

Laser dust monitoring device is electronic device which is used to measure the particle pollution with high accuracy and precision. As compared to other types of air quality monitoring systems, laser dust monitors are more reliable. There has been a rise in the amount of air pollutants in the atmosphere which poses serious threat to the health of humans. Hence, the monitoring or air quality and detection of dust is of pivotal importance. The laser dust monitor is capable of monitoring particles of various sizes ranging from 10PM, 2.5PM and even smaller.

In the laser dust monitoring device, the air particles or dust particles are made to pass through the device individually and which generate scattered light pulses in the detection zone. The pulses are generated according to the size of the particle. Furthermore, the concentration level of the dust particles can also be determined in addition to the flow rate. The laser dust monitor has a zero-count reading which states that the air under measurement is free of particles which is an ideal case scenario. The value deviates in accordance with the quality of air being tested. Various manufacturers of air quality monitoring systems are introducing devices which are highly accurate and ensure long-term stability. Also, the laser dust monitors are designed in a way in which they do not need change in their calibration if they are transported to another location. For this, the devices use a real time calibration update system which is based on the geographic location. Also, the devices offer end to end encryption for secure data transfer of the pertaining to the air quality over cloud or local storage. Additionally, devices that have a fast response time, pow power consumption, and the ability to operate under harsh conditions are also being developed and introduced in the laser dust monitoring market by the key players. Furthermore, dust monitors that are portable and compact are also available in the laser dust monitoring market.

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The dramatic rise in the air quality across the globe is expected to be the primary driver for the growth of the laser dust monitoring market. The rising health concerns among the individuals arising due to the poor quality is also one of the factors assisting the laser dust monitoring market growth. The governments of various countries across the globe are taking severe measures in order to combat pollution. The governments conduct tests at various locations and impose restrictions in order to prevent air pollutants from exceeding the prescribed limits. This will spur the demand for the laser dust monitoring systems which would be used for monitoring the air quality. The availability of cheap and counterfeit products in the laser dust monitoring market to measure the air quality is said to be a major restraint for the laser dust monitoring market growth of laser dust monitoring system. Nevertheless, the growing use of laser dust monitoring by various end use industries is expected to present significant growth prospects for the laser dust monitoring market.

The laser dust monitoring market has been segmented on the basis of measuring range, end use industry and geography. Based on the measuring range, the laser dust monitoring market has been segmented into 0.3-2.5 µm, 0.3-5.0 µm, 0.3-10 µm, and others. On the basis of end use industry, the laser dust monitoring market is segmented into power generation, oil& gas, medical, construction, chemical and others. As per geography, the laser dust monitoring market has been divided into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and South America.

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Some of the key players in the laser dust monitoring market includes Kansai Automation Co.,Ltd, MIP Electronics Oy., Sensidyne, AMETEK Land, Swan Environmental Pvt. Ltd, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Tritech, Airy Technology, Inc, Honeywell, Kanomax Usa, Inc. Kaiterra, Delta Gas Mobin Group, and among others.

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