KONUX predictive Maintenance System – Making Rail Mobility the choice of tomorrow

In its bid to improve the operation and maintenance of rail networks, Konux has launched a Predictive Maintenance System for Rail Switches that harnesses IIoT sensors and AI

  • Konux seeks to make rail the mobility choice of tomorrow
  • The predictive maintenance system, a part of Konux’s Summer 2022 Release, uses IIoT sensors and AI to improve rail network’s performance cost-efficiently
  • It gives an in-depth view of assets’ conditions and suggests maintenance measures when need be
  • Through investments from firms like Boundary Holding, Konux aims to address the pressing needs of current railway infrastructure

While railway serves as one of the most convenient modes of transportation, its overuse can take a toll on the passengers if it is not maintained from time to time. In addition to this, heavy and high speed traffic can also put strains on railway switches – an important element of any rail network that provides flexibility in operations and enables vehicles to change tracks. However, as crucial as it is to undertake appropriate measures, they also come at a hefty price tag. Considering all these factors, the Predictive Maintenance System for Rail Switches has been developed by Konux, an AI and Iot based company in Munich, Germany, to improve the overall performance of railway system and extend the life of assets at a subsidised cost. With the company bringing innovations to its customers every year, the recent predictive maintenance system comes as a part of its Summer 2022 release.

Konux has made a strong presence worldwide with its engineering teams spread across Munich, Germany and Cluj, Romania, backed by investors like New Enterprise Associates, Alibaba Group, Upbeat Ventures, etc. However, earlier in 2019, it also secured investments from Luxembourg-based investment firm, Boundary Holding. The latter’s founder Rajat Khare said that with the acquired funding, Konux is expected to attract more critical infrastructure investments while addressing the pressing concerns of current railway infrastructure.

The new predictive maintenance system leverages IIoT sensors and AI to improve network availability, extend asset lifetime and reduce costs by constantly monitoring and analysing the health of key switch components. With a dashboard that provides 24/7 overview of the assets’ condition, it also facilitates remote troubleshooting of any issue. Furthermore, the system can forecast the possible condition of a particular switch component in the coming times and notify beforehand. This enables managers to plan better for ensuring the health of the assets.

Unlike the traditional ‘fail and fix’ approach, the predictive maintenance system developed through the incorporation of IIoT and AI, enables companies to analyse the source of possible failures and eliminate them at the earliest. Considering the end-to-end solutions they offer, it is crucial to boost such organisations that cater to the critical infrastructure sector.