Know How to Increase Your Mobile Conversions


The advent of smartphones has taken the whole business world by storm. Many companies are creating mobile responsive websites to attract more customers and increase their sales. However, just having a responsive website is not enough to convert a potential customer into a sale. With so many mobile sites and applications coming up by different brands, a consumer looks for very factors other than just having a good mobile website. Therefore, it has become more important for industries to focus on points that will lead to an improvement in conversion through these gadgets.

Here is what you can do to optimize your sales through mobile and similar gadgets-

Less Content for Relevancy

Mobile phones are handy devices and are used to serve a quick purpose. Therefore, your mobile site must be on point. If a person is using their mobiles to go through some technology website, their main intention is to save time. If you distract the customer with all the unnecessary information, they will go to another site. Reduce the content, focus on a fixed number of scrolls, and emphasize what is essential.

Content Optimization

As mentioned earlier, people use mobile search to save time. Therefore, your content should not take too much time to load. Also, reduce the number of images to what is necessary, make them the right size, and avoid interactive sections on the mobile screens. Using oversized and undersized images can obstruct a viewer and may cost you a customer

Shopping Optimization

Now, you have successfully grabbed the viewer’s attention, and they are on the verge of becoming a customer. The only thing you want to do is shun them by asking to fill lengthy forms that require too much information at the last stage. Optimize the shopping experience by making your forms as small as possible, avail your shopping cart easily on the interface for a hassle-free experience and provide to save the customer from giving too much information that they don’t want to.

Visible Call to Action Buttons

Your call to action buttons should not be hiding in the form of some small image. They should be calling out. They will help to build a connection between the customer and you. Interactive buttons such as “Call us”, “Ask us”, “Save info”, “Quick inquiry”, etc. help to accelerate the customer’s decision to buy from your website.

No Pop-Ups!

These are the most potential conversion destroyers. Pop-up distorts the customer’s view of information, annoys them, and disrupts their thought process, which can often lead to going away from your website. This will lead to an overall decrease the traffic on your website.

Ask for Reviews

Ask for short reviews on a question blog. It can be a star rating or a multiple-choice question about the service. DO NOT MAKE THEM LONGER!

To convert a viewer, you need to understand their point of view before making a website or employing changes on the already existing sites. Get inside their head and see which the best way to optimize your site.