Know about joker slot features, bonus, and Wager limits

Joker slot is a popular fruit slot video game. It is a 5-reel video game that is based on a 243 strategy to win a slot. This game having adjacent reels that will activate on every spin. However, it is simple to understand and play for novice players. Moreover, the game delivers amazing action and interesting play from medium to high volatility. Furthermore, the online RTP of the joker slot is 96.97%.

Brief about joker slot features-

Are you trying to know more about the features of the joker slot? If yes, then read this to enhance depth knowledge related to play a joker slot. However, the joker slot game is filled with brimming features and adventure. It is not the only theme-based slot game. This slot game is much more than free spins, pick me rounds, and winning cash. However, the gameplay is based on the classy fruit slot game.

In the joker slot game, every spin has at least 2 reels that are adjoining. This reel will display similar stacks of symbols. To create a potential combination, you have to sync around 3, 4, and 5 reels.

About joker slot theme, sound, and quality features-

The theme of the joker slot is eye-catching, and it is worked well. Here, the diamond is considered a winning symbol. Furthermore, the wild symbol is a female jester and that will appear on all 5 reels. However, it is the switch for all symbols in a winning combination.

Details of joker slot wager limits and RTP-

The joker slot game is played with the help of a 3-row machine with 5 reels. However, the one who formed through all landing the similar symbol on the adjacent reel, which is starts from reel1, will declare a final winner. Furthermore, in a joker slot game, the stake level starts at 20p / spin. Moreover, the player can increase the bet level up to $200.

The arrow is available above the spin button to set up auto play, just click on them. Moreover, you have multiple options to win and lose in a game. Anyone can play auto spins around 10- 500 times.

The RTP is quite impressive in the joker slot. It is around 96.97%. However, RTP is returning to a player rate that is 3.03% margin for online slot casino games. These are favourable with slots and are consistent on the right side. Furthermore, it is a favourable bet that is played against another slot.

What is the joker slot maximum payout?

It is a maximum pay-out that counts your total stake. But you have to land the right combination in the joker slot. If all reel sync correctly, you will get a bonus feature. Once all symbols fall in your favour, you will win maximum rewards and even a jackpot.


The joker slot is comfortable to play on both mobile and desktop versions. It is easy to download. This game is design with attractive design, quality sound plays, and simple features. The game interface is quite impressive and easy to navigate for professional and novice players. This game is suitable to play with each screening device.