Kitfo is an Ethiopian famous food

My friend invited me to his home. I knew they were Ethiopians. And they have migrated here.  he and his family are very kind and love to help others. And they are also hospitable. I accepted his offer. I knew he cook for me local food. (Kitfo at epersianfood)

I would not have thought he would serve for me food with raw meat. In fact, I did not believe that they could eat raw meat. Whatever it was, I shouldn’t have protested because they might be upset.

At supper he put the dish on the table and said, “Hey comrade! Come on, Kitfo!

I looked at the container with surprise. The butter was melted on fresh beef and then dipped in special oysters. From the color of the meat I noticed that it was fresh.

 He cut the meat into strips. And next to those were slices of bread  that I had never seen. He eats kitfo with pleasure. He was enjoying . I put some meat in my mouth. The taste was not bad. The other one I ate was delicious.


Every thing about kitfo you should know :

Kitfo is a popular food in Ethiopia, he said,  kids taste it since childhood. He said that anyone who eats only once will fall in love with this food. He said some people also cook vegetables alongside meat that gives a good taste to kitfo . And even in most restaurants around the world, they serve kitfo today. I was listening to him with interest because I had never heard this foods name .

he said to me we make this dish at various events and serve our guests with it. We even have special containers for serving kitfo that are bowl-shaped.

kitfo is a raw meat meal served in Ethiopian American restaurants.

kitfo recipe

On an official holiday, we must welcome our guests with Kitfo. There is a restaurant in Los Angeles run by two Ethiopian brothers. They did not write in the menu that the kitfo was made from raw meat. But when ordering, they ask their customers whether they like it raw or cooked. Customers who are not Ethiopians prefer to eat cooked one . But the Ethiopians love raw kitfo. Of course their meat is lean. It is also made with other ingredients, but the main ingredient is beef.

If there is a restaurant in your town that serves Kitfo , be sure to visit there. Because Ethiopian restaurants are making the best kitfo . Experience the unique taste of this dish . You can also find and make this delicious food s recipe from the internet. Of course, it is not  delicious as kitfo that Ethiopians  cook . In fact, this food has secrets that only one Ethiopian knows.

How to mince spices , Mixing spices in this dish is very important. In some cases, raw eggs are cut on the meat. Of course, my friend wouldn’t say that. I saw a photo of Kitfo on the internet with eggs on it. Of course I don’t think it tastes great. Try it if you like. Whenever I go to my friend’s house, he will make kitfo for me . And every time, I have time to go to the restaurant that he said. In addition to the delicious kitfo , the restaurant is also cozy.

kitfo food

I want to make kitfo once.  I think It can be an interesting experience. If I could make kitfo I would also share my experience with you. Let me know if you find a new recipe for Kitfo.

You can also make kitfo with new ingredients. And pour into different dishes. And eat this by bread too .

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