Disposable income has been mounting across urban populations in emerging economies on the back of mushrooming of small and medium business enterprises. Add to that, buying potential of the citizens of developed countries has always been stronger. As the culture of apartment-living expands and smart cities being build up, these potential buyers are opting for equipment and tools of convenience within their homes. As a result, the demand for kitchen and bath fixtures is increasing. These fixtures not only enhance appearance and aid to comfort, extracting greater energy efficiencies is also possible. According to the findings of this business intelligence report, the demand in the global kitchen and bath fixtures will increment at a strong CAGR during the forecast period of 2018 to 2026.

This market research report that has been compiled by analysts using proven market research methodologies. Apart from exploring and analyzing factors that will determine the demand in-flow for kitten and bath fixtures used across household, hotels, and restaurants, the report includes figurative estimations of the demand for different segments too. The report has also represented the potential of demand that will be forthcoming from different important countries and regions in the near future. Finally, the report concludes with a featured section on the competitive landscape, wherein some of the most prominent players have been profiled for their geographical outreach, product portfolio, and overall market share.

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Global Kitchen and Bath Fixtures Market: Trends and Opportunities

Not just the growing demand for modular kitchens and bathrooms, the demand for customized fixtures is also gaining momentum from the investments in the hotel industry is turning into a boon for this market. Not only luxury hotels, specialized residential apartments are being constructed across tourist destinations and weekend getaways which one can rent and have a home away from home for a few days. These rented apartment owners are adopting modern kitchen and bath tools that improve comfort for their customers. Additionally, consistent advancements made by the vendors operating in this market have led to the development of furniture and fixtures that are easily customized, are quite affordable, and meet the desired results. Products such as aging-in-place features, smart technology, black stainless, freestanding tubs, deeper sings, and color choice are gaining the attention of potential buyers.

Global Kitchen and Bath Fixtures Market: Market Potential

Energy efficiency is the trend that is engulfing a number of sectors and the electrical and electronics aspects of the kitchen and bath fixtures market is also gaining a positive reflection from it. With smart technologies, energy dependent tools such as microwaves, lightings, washing machines, and head and air conditioners can be controlled even remotely. The kitchen and bath industry closely monitor housing trends. Additionally, increasing percentage of geriatrics who need helpful tools and families with toddlers are also investing for these fixtures.

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Global Kitchen and Bath Fixtures Market: Regional Analysis

The developed countries of the U.S., the U.K., France, and Germany have traditionally been keeping the vendors of this market confined within the regions of North America and Europe. While a substantial chunk of demand continues to come from these two regions, a number of leading players have started expanding across emerging economies in Asia Pacific such as China, India, Indonesia, and Thailand. These nations have been prospering and populations are earning wealth and hence investing on modular kitchens and bathrooms.

Global Kitchen and Bath Fixtures Market: Competitive Landscape

Owing to the low entry barriers, a number of regional and country-wide players have thrown their hat into the kitchen and bath industry and the competition has mounted. That being said, prominent and well-established companies such as Alno Germany, Armstrong, Hanssem, American Woodmark, IKEA Group, and Howdens Joinery are expected to sustain a position ahead of the curve in the near future.

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