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Comfort is also an important factor in work looks, but not the only one: looks that convey confidence and sobriety are essential even in less formal environments. Also, investing in versatile pieces is essential, since wearing the same clothes in different ways and with different combinations is necessary. khaadi pret dresses are very unique. If you can purchase these dresses you can visit khaadi stores and online.


Can you wear a blazer in the heat? Yes! Of course, on warmer days, when it is necessary to walk outdoors, its use is not necessary, but with the help of air conditioning the piece can be beautiful! Also, the fabric must be lighter and more natural, following the essence of the season.

Throw a light linen blazer on top and finish off with accessories like golden medium earrings, a leather utility bag and a heeled sandal and square toe, proving that you can be a professional with a fashion touch in the right measure.

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To print authenticity, style and fashion information in the look office, without leaving aside some dress code rules, invest in tailoring pants – order it this season – with a tank top with thin straps in flat fabric, which will instantly bring elegance.

If the environment allows it, straight jean pants, skinny or Patna court with medium or dark wash are excellent choices. Combine it with plain tank tops or classic striped prints, with a discreet V-neckline. You can also bet on models with a halter neckline, which enhance and elegantly highlight your shoulders.


Who doesn’t have a pair of jeans in the closet? The variety of models and washes of denim makes it the most universal item in the fashion world. From classic dark washes to modern destroyed pieces, jeans appeal to all styles and can – and should – be present in work productions.

On the feet, the square-heeled sandals or wedges are the most comfortable, but if you need to use the heel, bet on closed mules and keep the elegant line. khaadi summer sale provides the latest dresses with reasonable prices.

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In partnership with Hering, Paraíso Feminino combined the main trends of the season with the characteristic basic style of the brand and gave ideas for totally accessible and easy-to-assemble looks, full of fashion information, authenticity and style. Check your favorite pieces right now in our search engine and explore all their versatility in looks for all occasions!

Trend Alert: Cargo Pant

The fashion world doesn’t stop. You need to be attentive to all the news that comes up every day. And here our radars are always on the alert, so we share all the discoveries with you. Our trend alert is cargo pants. After the utilitarian mood recurred on catwalks all over the world, it was clear that functional pieces would return to our closet.

That’s why we’re here to teach you how to use this piece in style, which promises to be your best friend in the coming seasons. See only the incredible inspirations with cargo pants that we separate especially for you!

Looks for you to rock with cargo pants 

The pant position is characterized by being a well larguinha body with elastic waist and ankles, and carrying a series of pockets on the sides, the front, and rear part. This is what makes it such a utilitarian piece, and with the right military, footprint to make your look as modern as possible. But how to create powerful combinations with it? Check it out below! If you want the latest eid dresses you can visit from khaadi lawn collection 2024.

With blazer

The mood of cargo pants is urban, cool and stripped. But productions with this item need not always follow this style. You can rather mix pieces of opposite styles, which creates an unusual and creative look. Choose military green or black cargo pants and try matching them with a neutral t-shirt and a tailored blazer in shades of lead or black. Finish with a powerful belt, a nudist sandal or pumps, and voilá. An elegant and classic composition using the utilitarian piece. 

With female blouse

It’s romantic? Can cargo pants bring a romantic outfit to life? And the answer is yes! Start by choosing pants in shades of salmon, pink quartz or red, which are common now with the trend exploding in the fashion world. Combine with a tank top or a t-shirt made of thinner fabric such as viscose, silk or satin, with a delicate print like flowers, hearts, butterflies or pearl inserts. On her feet, a delicate strappy sandal finishes the girlie mood very romantically. 

With transparency

Fashionista to the extreme and with a sexy hint, it is very interesting to mix items with transparency to cargo pants, which is heavy and not sensual. Choose to combine a shirt with sleeves and a transparent back, or a tulle shirt with lace lingerie underneath. Lace cropped with details of everything are also bold options that can even take the piece to the club. On the feet, a pointed toe boot is a secret to make your composition even more powerful and full of attitude. Update the look with bags in geometric shapes and accessories with loops, scarves, among others. 

With pumps

Scarpin is a classic in women’s wardrobe, isn’t it? And why not raise the level of your production with cargo pants using a pump? Opt for transparent pumps or white that go super high to make your mood more fashionista. A pair of very wide pants in green or beige tones balance the production well, especially if combined with sweatshirts or puffed sleeve sweaters in earthy tones. A comfy look but that gains elegance with the pumps. You can purchase the latest summer collection you can visit from khaddi sale

Where to find?

So, tell us: what is your favorite look using cargo pants? Don’t have one yet to call yours? Search now in the Women’s Paradise and find the pants of your dreams for the lowest price. We compare the price and you save not only your money but also your time. Don’t waste any more time and search now!