Lets discuss this summer FABRICS

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It is not new that the elegance of satin fabrics has invaded even the most casual looks to bring elegance and modernity to everyday life. Winter or summer, silks, satins, and crepes with a glossy finish have been successful for some seasons, collaborating with the growing maximalist wave that aims to dominate the next trends in the fashion universe. 

For current looks with the current fabric, it is interesting to bet on pieces that are of intense colors and in models such as puffed-sleeved blouses or with details such as pleats, ruffles or furrows and mix it with jeans, for a casual proposal, or tailoring, for an elegant production that can be used even in the look office, composing an obvious look.

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Both fabrics and metallic applications and surface designs were frequently seen at fashion shows by brands such as Balmain, McQueen and Louis Vuitton, indicating that the glamorous finish, mainly in silver, will soon be back in an updated way, and will probably dominate the closet of those who like modern, urban and dramatic looks.

Transparent: tulle and organza

If the image of a transparent fabric comes to your mind in the form of an organza or tulle blouse, you are right: the romantic veins continue to rise and appear in completely transparent pieces, inviting us to choose incredible lingerie to stay with shows, or only in cutouts, as in the sleeves or even in a visor, leaving the piece zero monotony.


Puffing, extra-long sleeves and inflated volumes

The three characteristics can be inserted in just one topic because they are related. The inflated volumes provided by models that feature ruffles and more structured fabrics were frequently seen on the catwalks, especially the puff sleeves, which continue to refer to the exaggeration of the 1980s, with or without broad shoulders and cuffs. 

Sleeves with extra long length, but with a leaner design can also appear on shirts and blouses with more minimalist lines.

Ruffles, pleats, and ribs

The ruffles, pleats and ribs are details that bring volume and that serve to better adapt the clothes to the body and have been appearing frequently, mainly in blouses and shirts with a better elaboration, transforming basic pieces into well-elaborated clothes that serve from the very beginning. every day looks even the most formal. khaddi sale 2020 provides stylish and beautiful dresses with reasonable prices.

A new tailoring

Let’s start with tailoring, since it has been a long time since she left her unsmiling air behind and started to acquire a cooler, lighter and more modern aesthetic. The sets are now used with sneakers and we can find them in colors that are not obvious and in a card that is opposite to neutral tones, although they still exist and continue to be a desire among lovers of all styles. The tailoring model itself has changed: it has asymmetries, inflated volumes, extravagant and oversized cuts, as well as unusual cutouts. 

If before a blazer and pants were a pair to be used with a thin heel pump, today, tennis reigns, and I say more: with the socks on display.

But we are talking about trends and tailoring inserted in the street style, of course, informal environments and asking for a certain dress code, classic tailoring, in neutral colors and combined with sober shoes, still prevails.

Peplum blouses

Remember the peplum blouses that were successful there in 2012, 2013? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but together with the puffed sleeves and the square neckline, it promises a triumphant return next season. 

And she is showing up quite often right now, in the summer, in fresh cotton blouses.


Let’s talk about the covers now. We know that blazers, jackets and overcoats are our darlings when temperatures drop, but capes promise to become one of our main allies in the cold. 

And she is very versatile because a more sober model can coordinate with different looks of our wardrobe, from a casual and work look to party fashion. After all, sometimes we have a beautiful dress, but it is not very hot, and it is practical and elegant for the occasion.

Oversized jackets

We live in times of duality, both in fashion and in many other aspects.

And just as the waist will have great prominence from well-structured pieces and high waist, the jackets and overlays will come with a more oversized shape, making the winter look more imposing, through well-marked shoulders, large tailoring collars and lengths to the knees or even bigger.


Since mid-2019, the corset has rehearsed its return to the “day to day” look. And the street style of the most current fashion seasons doesn’t let us lie: the somewhat imposing – and controversial – item appears in not-so-obvious compositions, superimposing more structured pieces and putting the waste in place. If you can buy the latest eid dresses you can see from khaadi lawn collection 2023. Khaadi provides 3 piece and 2 piece dresses at a reasonable price.

The piece also inspires other models, which include, of course, the marked waist, lashings with lace-like eyelets and other tops with a well-structured base.

It is possible to seek inspiration in which the corset model to invest in an artist looks since the piece is still in its vanguard period, but wait, as very soon the item will appear frequently in more popular stores. We want to know: would you use it?


The winter classic appears to continue the trend of valuing handmade, which came so strong during the summer. The loosest and textured knits are always our allies on the coldest days, making everything from comfortable casual compositions, to the most elaborate work productions, or making their presence known even on more special occasions.



More delicate fringes appear in pieces from party fashion to dresses that we can use daily with good sneakers and a leather bag, for example. But the fringe reference doesn’t have much to do with country aesthetics, as it did a few seasons ago, but with the flapper of the 1920s.

Inspirational image with autumn/winter 2023 looks. 

 Fringes make me want to compare the 1920s with 2023: at the same time that a lot has changed, we are still fighting for some things in common, and certainly, the trend comes from this insight. khaadi pret dresses are unique and stylish if you can buy these dresses you can visit from an online khaadi summer sale.


Asymmetry is also an element of style that we have seen a lot. It appears in both tailoring and casual fashion and ranges from the irregular hem of a dress to the sleeves or neckline.

Exuberant bonds

One of the favorite details of those who do fashion production of music videos and more avant-garde editorials is the exaggerated ties. 

A delicate and characteristically feminine symbol was increased and won a leading role in several looks, bringing an imposing, fashion and modern footprint, especially when the ties are combined with darker colors and when they make contrasts, either in colors or fabrics and styles.


The ruffles never left us, in some seasons they just appear a little less, and in the current season it comes from casual fashion to beach fashion, bringing light and very feminine touch, but next season it will appear heavier, like referencing the Victorian period and mixing romanticism with drama. 

The cool thing is to invest in pieces in dark and intense colors with ruffles, making a counterpoint between femininity and strength. Also pay attention to shirts that have detail on the neckline, shoulders and bust.

although delicate, they add volume and make the piece more imposing, and as I said, clearly the effect is enhanced with dark colors.


It’s time to rescue that pleated skirt from the back of the closet! The extremely romantic item is part of the fall-winter 2023 trends and offers thousands of possibilities for look proposals! From characteristically feminine to modern, stately and even fashionistas, with oversized overlays and high boots, making an interesting mix of textures.


All the grandeur of leather will be present in the fall-winter 2023, but don’t be too attached to the idea of ​​the classic black jacket with a rocker footprint: the model is a classic and can always be used, but if the intention is to achieve an updated look, prefer for the elongated leather models, with a shape over and in neutral colors, such as beige and earthy tones.