Keratin today: This is what you need to know

Popular keratin

In view of their great benefits, keratin treatments have gained great popularity in view of their benefits in hair care provided by such treatment, so there are various brands such as CHI KeratineTrix 5 Smooth, which are responsible for distributing to beauty salons, personal care product stores. Even today, people have the opportunity to apply this treatment on their own, however it is recommended to always go to a specialist who is more proficient in the application of the treatment, so that its application is uniform, on the other hand, Shampoos containing keratin have been developed, so when using it the function of the treatment is maintained constantly, and it is not necessary to spend money on additional products.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Using Keratin

Like any beauty treatment, chi keratin smoothing treatment has advantages and disadvantages that we must know before launching to try it on our hair. We have to take into account the result that we really want to have on our hair and try to see if we are compensated for all its benefits Keratin repairs and nourishes our hair in depth and depending on the type of keratin treatment you choose, you can get a more permanent straightening on your hair. It is a very practical result, as it prevents you from punishing your hair by straightening it daily, keeping your hair straight and styled for several months. Nourishes and restructures all hair in a natural way, helping the hair fibers. Reconstructs the hair fiber, protects and heals your hair from all the damage caused by irons or dryers. Our hair is smoother and at the same time stronger. Eliminates frizz. Much easier to comb, your hair will be softer, silkier and smoother, so you don’t have to worry about straightening it or combing it with a dryer. Special for wavy hair and curls. Among the disadvantages of keratin, one of the main ones is the high cost that these products tend to have, especially when they are of a good brand, the presence of formaldehyde as one of its components, which has proven to be harmful. On the other hand, the care that you must take the days following the treatment, for two days you must have loose hair, you cannot use hairpins or rubber bands to hold the hair, and finally you will not be able to wash your hair for three days after the treatment with keratin.

Distribution of keratin in the world market

Already mentioned above, keratin has taken total popularity in the world of cosmetics, for which various brands have been developed, types of keratin treatment which have been distributed to most of the world, taking place the beginning of a interest in maintaining an impeccable look, so much so that as we said before, shampoos have been developed where keratin is part of its components, additionally creams have been developed not only for hair but also for skin, we bear in mind that keratin is part of the components of the skin, nails and hair.