Keep Your Vape Battery Safe with These Steps

Keep Your Vape Battery Safe with These Steps

Everyone who owns a vape has come across the news and horror of battery explosion at least once in their life. No matter how rare the chances are, we must inform you about what you should and should not do to take care of your vape battery.

You will not be enjoying your smoke if you are worried about such things. Knowledge is a tricky thing – yep, that’s a FRIENDS reference – and even a bit of it can take you to lengths. It might relax your worry senses to know that the ratio for a vape battery explosion is around 1 in 10 million, and what makes it even more fortunate is that you can avoid this proportion as well.

We will discuss the do’s and don’ts to keep you and your battery safe.

The Battery 

A vape battery is not unusual from batteries being used in your smartphones. They also vary in size and shape and consist of lithium-ions to give them great measures of power. You can find it in laptops and other devices as well. Not only with vape but the risk of blast lingers on every other electronic equipment too. But there is a difference between vape and phone batteries. The phone batteries have custom-made lithium-ions to cater to your gadget’s specifications.

You know that the vaporizer’s batteries are not approved by manufacturers and work differently. However, it is nice that the vapers are allowed to choose a battery of their own choice and mod their machine to smoke pleasantly.

Another reason for battery explosion is poor-quality vape or cheap batteries being used, so be mindful that you are buying your product from a renowned, safe place. You can show your customer that you are a verified brand by printing it on your packaging. You can have strong  to impressionville vape cartridge boxes show that even your boxes are safe.

What Should You Do?

The first thing you should do is that you must buy a premium-quality vaporizer. Think of it as an investment in saving yourself from irreparable mishaps. Cheap ones always put you at the risk of the blast and other problems.

We have already told you that vapers do get a chance to choose their own battery, and you have to study a little before selecting the product. Some e-cigarettes do not come with built-in batteries. You can solve this problem by having rechargeable batteries from a well-known brand.

Moreover, explosions can happen owing to overcharging or even discharging, and a smart charger provides enhanced safety measures.

You have to be mindful about your battery’s interaction with a metallic object, like your keys, as it can cause a blast due to circuit completion. You should carry a battery case to prevent your extra batteries from being the reason behind an adverse experience. Also, you should not tamper with charging cables and use one that comes with its designated charger. Using a different cable may vary in voltages and will overheat your vape.

Furthermore, even temperature can have an effect on the batteries. Extremely hot or cold weather can occur blast. It is recommended to keep your batteries between 50 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit since it is their safest temperature.

What Should You Not Do?

Most importantly, it is stupid to use a damaged battery. Never use a faulty or repaired one as it can expose you to explosive dangers. It not only affects its performance but also causes various problems.

You should not leave your battery unattended and keep an eye on it to avoid overcharging. Many mods have a self-cut option that cuts the charging at a certain point. Still, do not leave it on charging while you are sleeping or leave it there for a very long time.

This point will get a bit scientific as it plays around Ohm’s Law, which states that the electric current through a conductor between two outlets is directly proportional to the voltage across them. In easy words, just divide your vape’s discharge rate by your coil resistance’s voltage level. Do not cross the deducted limit to stay on the safe side.

It is a common question but we would still like to highlight it as common sense is not so common these days. Do not put your device on any flammable material. Keep it away from direct sunlight. Do not mix your batteries as they have different voltage outputs.

You should not sweat over experiencing an explosion while vaping. We have already told you that the chance is already very little, and the remaining chances can be avoided with the points mentioned above. They can be used for devices that work with batteries. These are not hard to perform or avoid and should become a part of your smoking endeavor to stay safe.