How to Keep Cardboard Boxes Closed when Shipping Large Items

Modern society relies heavily on things being shipped and received on a daily basis. Whenever we want to buy something off the web, which has now been the most dominant way of shopping for years, we receive a package in the mail. Neatly packed and wrapped, it protects whatever is inside from being in some way damaged during transportation and delivery. The type of box that is by far the most common is the cardboard box. Versatile and cheap, it has proven itself time and time again not just for shipping items but for storing things around the house as well.

Now, having your goods delivered to your doorstep by the professionals is one thing. They know how to pack everything, what to do to keep the item inside safe, and which size and type of box to pick depending on the package. It is a whole science that online shops have mastered over the years. Why use just any box when you can have the right size for whatever package you need to send? On the other hand, it is a whole other story when you have to ship items yourself. There is nobody to help you, and even if there is, they probably know as much about shipping as you do.

Shipping items yourself, especially larger ones, is anything but simple. Using a cardboard box for this is a no-brainer, but where do you find the right one, how do you pack the item inside and most importantly, what needs to be done for the box to remain closed during the shipping process? To this and other questions we give answers right here in the article. If you do end up looking for the help of the pros after all, make sure to visit this website for all of your packaging needs.

Boxes to Use

Keeping the boxes closed is not and should not be your only worry when shipping large items. The type of the box and the quality of the cardboard are also important, often more so than how you seal and close it. A lot of people use the boxes they have lying around for their shipping needs. They use what the packages they had delivered came in. Reusing the boxes is great for the environment and for decluttering your home, but it is not always the best course of action.

Depending on what you are shipping, the box may not be suitable at all. For example, if it is a heavy item and you use a light cardboard box, it could remain closed but the box may fall apart in transport. There are charts for box sizes according to the weight of the package, so be sure to do some research on this. Heavy items, which are also usually larger than average, require stronger boxes too.

Filling Out the Space

A similar problem arises when you have boxes that are too big for the item you want to send, leaving you with a ton of empty room on the inside. The number one rule of using cardboard boxes in shipping is to never leave room inside for the item to freely move. You should use something to fill it out as it will act as a cushion and add extra protection. The box will not deform if it falls or gets hit at a certain angle, and there will be an additional thing protecting the item.

Packing peanuts and airbags are the best solution to reach for here. Also, you should wrap the item in bubble wrap for even more protection. Bubble wrap is great at protecting the thing underneath from physical damage. Some people even wrap the entire box in it, which is always a great idea provided that it can be done and is an option. Picking the right box and making sure there is no free space inside will always give you an easier and more secure shipping experience. However, the closing of the box is what matters most in the end.

How to Close the Box

Keeping the box closed is usually the thing we devote most attention to when shipping something large. In an unlikely scenario that it falls out during the delivery, the receiver would be left with an empty package. This does not happen that often, but boxes do pop open a little bit in transportation more often than they need to. The only thing you should be using to seal the cardboard boxes when shipping large items is tape. However, it cannot be just about any tape. There are many types of tape out there, each for a specific use, and the only one you should be reaching for is a high quality packaging tape. Make no mistake. It is crucial which tape you use for cardboard box shipments.

These tapes go by the name of pressure sensitive tapes and they offer the best protection for cardboard boxes. If you use it when shipping larger than usual items, they should be absolutely fine inside. There is no way this tape will come off in transit as the box cannot open when pressure-closed like this. For maximum protection and safety, but also for a little bit longer opening time, you can add tape alongside the edges and the corners of the box. This is usually done when you are not that sure the box is the right fit. Wrapping it almost entirely in tape is a sure way to prevent it from opening. If you truly want the best possible tape that will protect the box in virtually any scenario, you will want what is known as fiberglass reinforced water-activated tape. This tape bonds with the cardboard on a deeper level and prevents it from ever opening on its own.


So there you have it. Apart from the tape that will actually close the box, you must also make sure the box is the right type and size and that there is no free room inside of it. Shaking it after you finish with the packaging is a good way to check if you did a good job. Nothing should be moving inside so if this is the case you did a great job. Stick with this method whenever you have a large item to send and you will not have any issues.