Jacqueline Fernandez’s “Mrs Serial Killer” on Netflix Received Negative Reviews?

Fond of crime thriller films? If yes then Netflix has brought a Bollywood thrilling spice for you. Mrs Serial Killer, a crime thriller film released on May 1, 2023. Though until now, the film hasn’t received positive reviews, you must watch it.

“Mrs Serial Killer” on Netflix

Netflix’s vast library has a special corner for Hindi-language films, and when it is about something thrilling then the shelves keep on going higher. Netflix has recently added a crime-thriller Hindi-language film entitled “Mrs Serial Killer” in its vast library. Though the film is originally in the Hindi language, you can stream it with English subtitles.

If you are a fan of crime thrillers then you should go for it as Mrs Serial Killer is the story of a wife whose gynaecologist husband gets arrested for serial killing of some unmarried pregnant ladies. In order to save her husband from police, she decides to start serial killing in the very same way the murders of the unmarried pregnant ladies have been committed.

However, things don’t go as she has planned them to. The girl she chooses to target turns out to be a mess for her.

About the wife, that’s none other than the Bollywood star, Jacquline Fernandez. Whereas the role of her husband is played by Manoj Bajpai.

The girl the copy cat serial killer chooses to target is Bollywood’s well-renowned actor, Amir Khan‘s niece, Zayn Marie Khan. Mrs Serial Killer is Zayn’s debut film and she has given the best of her. The way she has done the fighting scenes are remarkable and worth watching. Moreover, her avatar in the film is also eye-catching.

Well, about the rest of the story, to know what happened when Jacqueline’s character, Sona in the film decides to become the copy cat serial killer to buy her husband’s innocence, you have to watch Mrs Serial Killer.

Critical Reception of Mrs Serial Killer

If we talk about the critical reception of the film then, unfortunately, a day has passed since the release of Mrs Serial Killer but it hasn’t received positive reviews.

The rating of Mrs Serial Killer on IMDb is 2.8 out 10. Badly, it is pretty much lower.

Well, there’s still hope that the film will receive a good critical reception. To add into the critical reception of Mrs Serial Killer, log in to your Netflix account and watch it.

Why You Should Watch “Mrs Serial Killer”?

To make you inquisitive about the film, let me tell you one thing. The film, Mrs Serial Killer is fashioned with a hell of torture, brutality, bloodshed, suspense, and thrills. If you want to know what torture really means then you must watch Mrs Serial Killer.

Moreover, it would be great to witness Jaqueline Fernandez in a dark role!