Is bucket mouse trap effective?

The bucket mouse trap catches many mice in a single trap. Moreover, you are not required to reset them between mice.  The trap works when the mouse tries to eat the bait.

Material required-

  • A plastic bucket
  • Soda can
  • Peanut butter or cheese (tied around the can)

Pros, and working of the best mouse traps-

There are many different mouse traps available in the market. However, your preference depends on your budget, needs, and requirements. Have a glance at the top 6 mouse traps, and their merits for you.

  • Electric Mouse Traps- These traps are the perfect alternative to catch the mice quickly. The mouse traps are cost-effective as they are re-usable.

How it works- You bait the trap with peanuts, muffins, or a sweet treat that attracts the mice. Once the mouse steps up in the sensor it triggers a high-voltage electric current. Re-bait the trap, and you are ready to catch the next one.


  • They have a high-success rate as they kill the mice quickly
  • These mouse traps are long-term traps, and they are re-usable
  • You are not required to touch the dead mouse


  • Plastic Snap Traps- They have a small bait cup where you can place the bait. This is an improvement over the old-fashioned wooden mouse trap.
  • Very easy to set, and release
  • No need to touch the dead mouse
  • Re-usable as they are made from hard plastic, and steel
  • These are one of the most affordable mouse traps.


  • Plastic enclosed snap trap- Many varieties are available of the plastic mouse traps. The plastic enclosed snap trap is rated as the most effective among all for pets, and children.
  • There is no danger of getting hurt
  • They are very clean


  • Catch, and release mouse traps- These traps are used to catch the mouse, and release them back in the opened-space. Catch, and release mouse traps are available in 2 types- plastic tubes, and metal cages.
  • They can catch many mice at a single time
  • If you don’t want to harm a living creature, then it is perfect for you


  • Ultrasonic Pest control units- In such mouse traps an ultrasonic wave drives the mouse away.
  • A perfect alternative for those who don’t wish to kill the mouse but wish to keep them away.


  • Bucket traps- bucket mouse trap can be lethal or non-lethal. In lethal, the bucket may contain a liquid to drown the trapped mouse. On the same token, in non-lethal the basket is empty. They are easy to install, and use-
  • Drill 2 holes on the opposite sides of the bucket
  • Insert both ends of the rolling mouse traps into the bucket
  • Bucket mouse trap spins freely
  • Add bait to the center of the trap

Final Thoughts-

The bucket mouse trap features a classic snap trap design. Moreover, it doesn’t include any bells, or whistles.

A bucket mouse trap enables you to catch the mouse without doing any harm.