Investment in Sweden

Investment in Sweden
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Sweden is a driving force for innovation, sustainability, co-creation and equality.

It’s a great platform for businesses to grow and use as a demand-driven brand in an increasingly purpose-oriented world. With our own government and private sector mission, we are experts in helping international companies enter this highly dynamic market and help domestic companies use it as a platform for global growth. is.

Sweden’s strong public finances, good banking system, political stability and economic functions make it an ideal place to run a business Sweden with a good infrastructure through extensive public investment.

Business Sweden supports international companies in investing in Sweden. Get your business on track and enhance your presence with free consulting services.

Sweden is currently working to eliminate the use of cash. Citizens are now thinking of cryptocurrencies as a way to increase wealth, which has introduced the most popular Bitcoin. Many Bitcoin startups are on sale in Sweden, including KnCMiner and Safello. Demand for cryptocurrencies is increasing in fxgm  Sweden and there are no indications

Political and economic situations are very favorable and create a high quality business environment.

According to the World Bank, Sweden is the tenth country in business facilitation.

The corporate tax is the lowest in Europe, the country applies exemption from participation, total tax exemption on interest, and there are no strict capitalization rules.

The economy is open, diverse (specializing in high-potential sectors such as high-tech products and sustainable economies) and very competitive.

Demographics are becoming more dynamic, encouraging more qualified employees to adapt to the export business.

The judicial system is balanced, enabling safe, transparent and credible decisions.

The quality of management and consulting services is very high and the business procedure is easy to execute.

The potential of the domestic market is often underestimated, as Swedish consumers have the highest purchasing power in Europe (46,000 euros / sec in 2017) and rising consumption trends.

Chronofogden, a Swedish logistics authority, auctioned its Bitcoin nearly two years ago. It was Skr 27,600 and exceeded the market value of the cryptocurrency reminiscent of Swedish let tlet d. There was great interest in the sale.

“Many people ask why we auction cryptocurrencies and we don’t trade them for themselves. The answer is that we don’t have the infrastructure to meet our needs,” said the Swedish executive. Representative Johannes Paulsen explained. “We need to do it in a quality-assured way so that we know we won’t lose money,” he said in a press release.

There are platform choices that allow users to buy cryptocurrencies in a safe and secure way. However, government warnings provide unmistakable evidence of funding sources for buyers. Purchasing crypto from the country is the safest option, as many jurisdictions do not have comprehensive rules, so the authorities cannot suspect the legitimacy of a transaction.

Swiss Passive Investment Products Supplier (ETP) has announced that it has been approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspecten) for the original prospectus under the control of the EU’s prospectus, which uses cryptocurrencies as underlying assets. ..

He said there was a “broad plan” to expand the range of exchange business products across the EU as it aimed to offer products targeting the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets.

Investing in crypto assets is as easy as buying a stock using a traditional broker or bank.

Cryptocurrency investments are made using the Six Swiss Exchange, BX Swiss and Boers Stuttgart ETP structures. The head office is in Zurich. Currently, nine crypto ETPs are listed, with AUM’s list and projected ETPs totaling over $ 55 million.