Recording music since the early age of seventeen, Mr.Reaper is a multifaceted artist who makes motivational anthems for suffering souls. He is nothing like your usual rapper who talks all about money and drugs, rather, his music is based on deeper subjects that can change people’s perspective about life.

Mr.Reaper’s music style is smooth deep flow, which perfectly encapsulates his free-flowing vocals and upbeat music. With his knack for making intoxicating rhythms and melodies, Reaper has managed to stand out from the rest of the rap and hip-hop artists of his time.

Reaper’s musical journey has been full of topsy-turvy turns. There was a time in his life when he had to give up his passion for making music due to financial and personal problems. But like it’s said, “Where there is a will, there is a way”, Reaper also found his way back to his passion in 2019. There has been no turning back for him ever since.

With his confidence and powerful music, Mr.Reaper is rapidly paving his way through the music industry.


Interviewer: Who is your musical inspiration, and why?

Mr.Reaper: My favourite rap group “Bone Thugs N Harmony” inspired me to make music. Just listening to the whole group record music, their flow, along with their added chemistry is remarkable and inspiring for me.


Interviewer: How would you describe your music style to our readers?

Mr.Reaper: My music style is a smooth deep flow but my main genre is Hip hop/Rap. I have a catchy style. I am very lyrical with my words and I’m a conscious style rapper. My motivational anthems act as the perfect soundtrack for anyone going through the daily struggles of life.


Interviewer: You said that your musical journey has been full of ups and downs. Can you elaborate on that for our readers?

Mr.Reaper: I have been recording music since I was just seventeen years old. I had a strong desire to create music for other people to enjoy and after writing my first track “Future Shock” I have been hooked ever since.

Future Shock was the first song I wrote as an artist. It was revised/rewritten and recorded in 2010 but never released. It is currently on my website and it was never a hit with any success. A decade ago, I fell into bad times financially, and in my personal life, I had to take a break from the music scene for some time. It was a difficult part of my journey where I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue pursuing a career in music. Around the end of 2019, my passion for the craft re-ignited and he decided to start releasing music. This comes after many years of working on my craft and perfecting my sound.


Interviewer: Tell our readers about your forthcoming project “Thru The Dark”.

Mr.Reaper: “Thru The Dark” paints a picture about a side that displays unwanted vibes, aggression, loneliness, and a rhythmic flow with high octane lyrics involving thoughts and how feelings can prove your downfall. Overall there is a dark side (defiance) and a light (enlightenment) side within us. We can learn a lot from both sides. Thru The Dark displays having no fear, no emotions, and being your own enemy as well. This song is about finding a balance between both sides.


Interviewer: What message you would like to give your fans and listeners?

Mr.Reaper: I’m just thankful for anyone who takes the time to listen/read my music. I hope they like it and it inspires them in any way. I’m grateful to have this opportunity with you in this interview and my future endeavours in the music industry.


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