Indigo Suave, The Young Innovative Filmmaker and Founder of ASUAVEPRODUCTION

The next upcoming visual arts director in the music industry and film industry as a whole could possibly be Indigo Suave. A current film student at Princeton and also student of the art of creating visuals has been creating content for just over two years. His journey began in 2017, where he began taking film and creative writing classes at Princeton.

“My freshman year is where started to find myself really enjoying classes and getting more involved with filmmaking. I began learning how beautiful of a craft creating visuals is and grew to understand deeper.”

In 2018, Indigo in his sophomore year at Princeton founded his production ASUAVEPRODUCTION.

“In the beginning I had nothing to offer people but ideas, but ideas is something people love. All I then needed was technique to turn these ideas into visuals—to turn my imagination into a life of reality. And that was what I did. And that is what my production company is about, working with no limitations because even when you have nothing you can make anything.”

Indigo Suave went on to film his first film production overseas with artist Lulu on his lead single Alchemy off of his EP Capriccio. Suave then went on to direct and produce three more visual projects for Lulu. With last year not much production being filmed, this next year Suave plans to release a plethora of visual projects every month.

“We have an exciting lineup for this upcoming year. Many things will be getting released. We have been working hard and storing a lot of projects for everyone to see this year”, Suave stated.

ASUAVEPRODUCTION seems to have in store for us an exciting year of visuals and content to fall in love with.


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