Incontinence Swimwear: Enjoy a Stress-Free Swim

Who doesn’t enjoy swimming or a dip in the pool? Swimming is a popular sport among Australians. But most of the people who suffer from incontinence feel embarrassed to swim as it might cause problems in the pool. They usually use diapers, and this inhibits them from participating in aquatic activities. This is due to the fact that a diaper is not the best for swimming as they absorb all the water, making them heavy and uncomfortable. Therefore, companies have developed incontinence swimwear like shorts and nappies. They help such people comfortably swim in water without worrying about anything interfering with their privacy, enjoyment, and exercise. If one is looking for incontinence swimwear in Australia, it’s a must to know that some well-reputed online stores are offering the product.

What is Incontinence?

In general, any involuntary action performed by the body can be called incontinence. One of the types that infants, children, and the elderly regularly face is urinary incontinence or an overactive bladder. Adults experience it due to stress, pregnancy, surgery, diabetes, asthma, and menopause etc. According to reports, the issue of incontinence affects one in four Australians. About 10% of men and about 38% of women in Australia are affected by urinary incontinence. Paediatric incontinence occurs in about 20% of the children in Australia. For these people, swimming can be problematic as the water, pressure and the movement could induce incontinence.

Solutions for Swimming with Incontinence

It is a myth to believe that people suffering from this issue should not take a dip in the pool, provided that they must follow certain protocols and wear specially designed swimwear to aid them. Incontinence is sometimes associated with the lack of fitness, and swimming can help with that. Leaking due to incontinence can occur in large or small amounts, and it might be discomforting. But there are ways to alter this experience. Listed below are a few options that one can choose to battle this issue.

1.    Swimming Briefs, Shorts and Pants

One way of handling incontinence while swimming is to use swim briefs, shorts, and pants designed with built-in pads that hold any unexpected expulsion. Some usually have the appearance of regular shorts or briefs with a tight waistband grip and are virtually invisible, waterproof and safe to use. One can wear some briefs under their regular swimwear and they won’t be visible and will do their job well. They are available for children and adults in various sizes.

2.    Swimming Diapers

They are disposable diapers that help people swim or involve in a leisurely water activity in peace. During aqua therapy or water activity, using these diapers can help them overcome incontinence. Not only do they hold the leaks but also have minimal swelling, which ensures their privacy. After use, one can tear them by the seams and carefully dispose of them.

3.    Swimsuits for Men and Women

One-piece swimsuits that come with a no-show liner are available in the market for women and children to allow them to swim hassle-free. Waterproof swimsuits which do not crinkle noisily like the plastic ones and ensure a person’s privacy are also available.

For a person looking for incontinence swimwear in Australia, loads of options are available online to purchase. Therefore, people should not let the incontinence issue keep them from enjoying water activities and the health benefits of swimming & other water activities.


About The Author: Abdullah