The executive search industry had to resort to working remotely due to the current global pandemic. Working from home has its share of advantages and disadvantages as many learnt during the past months. If a head-hunter is struggling to optimize their work-life and maintain the same productivity level as before then implementing executive search software is the route to take.

Here are four ways executive search software helps boost productivity.

  1. It takes care of all the little tasks

How many executive recruiters find themselves stuck with tedious admin tasks that take up a whole lot of time? While doing these tasks can be monotonous, they are an important part of the recruitment process. Head-hunters can implement executive recruitment software as a core recruiting element and leave it to process all the administrative work. CV parsing involves hours of a recruiter’s day. Working with recruitment software will ensure that tasks like CV parsing and branding are fully automated.

  1. It helps with right-to-work checks

An important part of the recruitment process is confirming right-to-work, GDPR and other legal compliance matters. Executive recruitment software comes with inbuilt tools which ensure that everything is legal and up to date. It is a laborious process requiring meticulous attention to detail. A head-hunter needs to be extremely careful and knowledgeable to carry out and confirm these checks. As with any other work, there is a high chance they might forget an important detail which could cause problems later. Head-hunters can be assured that no such problems will arise from leaving compliance checks to executive software. It leaves little to no room for error. In fact, recruiting software can guarantee accuracy in the work while also delivering in the shortest time possible.

  1. It encourages organized communication

While nothing beats a face-to-face meeting with executive candidates, these are strange times and executive search software is the best bet when it comes to a consistent communication process. The nature of the software as a single platform greatly facilitates a smooth communication channel. Every email, text message, and now a video call, can automatically be recorded into the system. Nothing slips through the crack. It can send automated replies to emails and texts. It also helps notify head-hunters when there is a follow-up email or text message to send to executives. Video calls have replaced in-person meetings, at least for the present. Recruiters can utilize recruitment software to continue building effective communication with executive candidates.

  1. It facilitates team efficiency

As mentioned above, the executive recruitment software operates in a single platform. All the work must be filed in regularly and updated in the software. It allows search firms to build a new account for every client. Members of the talent acquisition team can use this account to record all the important data concerning the client. This prevents the information from being spread out in various folders across many computers. Everyone gets instant access to relevant information while the lead executive recruiter can also keep updated about the team progress.