Important Things You Should Ask While Hiring a Demolition Contractor

Starting a new residential or commercial construction project? Thinking of commencing the project on the old structure? If yes, then you will have to hire a demolition contractor in order to demolish the old building. Demolition contractors are experienced people who have acquired the required training to demolish the properties and thus perform the task carefully and with all the necessary precautions.

However, to get diligent services and value for money, you need to assure that you hire the most trusted demolition contractor. With several demolishing experts claiming themselves as the best, it may get challenging for you to decide whom to hire. Don’t panic! You can still choose the most reliable from numerous professionals by asking them the following questions.

Question #1. From how long you have been working as a demolition contractor? 

The first and the foremost thing that you should ask your demolition professional is about his experience. More the number of years he has been into the demolition industry more will be his experience and hence more loyal services you will get. It is highly recommended to not to hire an amateur demolition contractor as he lacks expertise and can put you in a messy and unwanted situation.

Question #2. Do you have a license and insurance? 

Only proceed further with the contractor if he says yes in answer to this question. License and insurance are the most important certifications that any demolition contractor should acquire before starting interior and exterior demolition business. These two documents indicate professionalism.

The licensed expert is permitted by the higher authorities only after he has completed the training and all the formalities to become a demolition contractor. Furthermore, the presence of insurance can protect you if any mishap occurs during demolition. Hence, you can easily rely on a licensed and insured contractor for the services.

Question #3. How do you ensure safety? 

For any reputable demolition contractor safety should be the priority. He should be able to efficiently explain you his plan on how he will ensure safety at your site. Safety plan must include safety of the demolition team, other people and your property as well. Additionally, safety measures should be taken by the experts in case any hazardous material is discovered.

Question #4. What is the cost estimate? 

It is your right to learn about the price of the demolition project as you are to spend your hardly-earned money on it. Make sure that the contractor has written everything in the cost estimates and will not surprise you with hidden cost in the future. Also, don’t forget to collect estimates from all the contractors you meet as it will help compare the prices and services and hire the best in the end.

Question #5. Who will handle permits? 

As laws of construction industry differs from city to city and country to country, your contractor should be capable of handling and getting all the permits for the demolition. Moreover, he should have a good understanding of all the laws related to demolition.