Importance of Body Armour Protection

One should adopt a great deal of protection in the face of adversity such as in the event of terrorist attacks, political uprisings, and people rioting on the streets as well the general crime that permeates throughout society. When these incidences of social unrest happens, what follows are food and water shortages due to which, people become desperate and turn to a life of crime and violence in the hopes that they could survive. As such, we are all susceptible to all kinds of danger which may be lurking. Given such adversities, it’s advisable to acquire body armour for yourself as well as your family to shield your body away from the bullets. Body armour can be obtained by regular people also so it’s not meant for just the military or the law enforcement. Another positive factor is that body armour is more readily available than ever before along with being quite cost efficient. The following article will guide you about everything you’ll need to know about body armour as well as the various degrees of protection:-

The Importance of Body Armour Protection

Throughout history, various means of body armour has provided protection to the military forces, law enforcement as well as ordinary civilians. Body armour has continued to undergo various shifts and developments and now in the present day, we have ballistic and bulletproof vests which provide a layer of protection in case, we are shot. If disaster strikes and you encounter a home invasion then the body armour may just be the key to saving you and other members of your family.

Various Types of Body Armour

There are various types of body armour available. There is one type of armour that consists of the concealed vests, typically the kind that police officers will wear. The concealed weapons will provide protection against knife attacks, hand guns and shards of glass but will not be applicable in the case of rifle rounds. People who are in the military encounter more serious threats which would lead them to using “external combat plates.” Such plates are worn over the uniform and offer more protection against rifle rounds. A variety of different plates exist such as multi piece plates, stand –alone, or even plates that consist of special features such as magazine holders, holsters etc.

Various features related to ballistic armour

  • Protection

It’s a given that the body armour should have all the facilities to help protect you from bodily harm if you are ever threatened with a knife or gun. Always be sure to understand the various levels of protection that the body armour will provide you. Therefore, it becomes imperative that the level of protection that the body armour offers should match up to the kind of threats/dangers that you be confronted with.

  • Adequate fit and comfort

The body armour should fit precisely, otherwise, it may not be able to protect your body. It is not just the fit that comes into play here but also the comfort level. It also needs to have some measure of padding along with being adjustable so that one can get an exact fit. Any body armour that does not fit properly or isn’t padded, is not even worth considering.

  • Mobility and flexibility

Besides the fitting and the comfort levels, your body armour should allow you enough flexibility in order for you to be more mobile. Your body cannot possibly slow down when it needs to act fast in the face of danger, which is why mobility is of utmost importance in staying alive when you are under any sort of threat.