Impact of Outbreak of COVID-19 on Plant Resistance Stimulants Market

Market Outlook

The agricultural inoculants such as plant resistance stimulants are at prime focus in the agricultural industry. Owing to its multi-functional benefits to provide an immune system response by protecting plants from pre-formed structures, chemicals and infection induced responses. The plant resistance stimulants are biologically derived fertilizer to support the growth of plant by protecting them from internal and external stress. They support plants to improve nutrient use efficiency, nutritional content, appearance and shelf life and provide tolerance to abiotic stress such as insects, heat and cold, draught and other factors.

The cereals and grains producers in Europe and North America are strategizing on improving the efficiency in terms of product offerings. In order to achieve their target the manufacturers are taking necessary steps and investing in the latest technologies to improve food quality and crop efficiency.

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To Meet Surging Demand for Food Crops Producers are Looking Out to Latest Technologies

Major shareholding manufacturers and producers have been strategizing on improving their productivity as well as meeting the surging demand for various types of fruits and vegetables. As a result, several companies have been using plant growth regulators as one of the methods for increasing the production of fruits and vegetables, and eventually catering to the rising demand for related products.

The constant rise in the temperature conditions and increasing incidents of fungal and bacterial infections is promoting the growth of plant resistance stimulants in the market. The plant resistance stimulants are gaining more significance due to rise in prices of chemical fertilizers and increase in demand of organic products globally. These recent incidence of price hike and commercial response to rising food product prices is catering the need to develop alternative strategies to sustain in the market.

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Plant Resistance Stimulants Market: Key Players

Major players in the market are focusing on enhancing their product portfolio for crop protection market; however, the demand for plant resistance stimulants is growing, and this is prompting big players to set up production plants and R&D centers in Asia Pacific. The development of the agriculture sector in Asia is expected to aid product adoption and use in countries which have significant area under cultivation that is estimated to have a positive impact on the sales of plant resistance stimulants.

The key market players operating in the plant resistance stimulants are BASF SE, Dupont, Precision Laboratories, LLC, Verdesian Life Sciences, LLC, Advanced Biological Marketing, Inc., Novozymes A/S, Bayer Cropscience, Queensland Agricultural Seeds Pty. Ltd., Brettyoung, Xitebio Technologies Inc. and others.


Plant Resistance Stimulants Market Opportunities

The advancement of science and technology is supporting the research carried out to develop innovative plant resistance stimulants. The genome editing technologies are progressing rapidly and becoming the most important genetic tools in the development of plant resistance stimulants products. The plant breeding has become one of the successful approach for developing new crop varieties protecting the important economic losses. The manufacturers are expected to be utilizing these technologies to grow leader in the plant resistance stimulants market.