Impact Of Covid-19 Outbreak On Fiber Optic Component Market

Fiber Optic Component: Introduction

  • Fiber optics is the technology associated with data transmission using light pulses through strands of fiber made of glass or plastic over long distances
  • Fiber optic components are used to form the fiber optic networking system. The fiber system is more complex than the older copper wired system.
  • Fiber optic components are broadly divided into active components and passive components. Active components include optical amplifiers, tunable wavelength filters, dispersion compensators, wavelength converters, optical switches, external modulators, transmitters, and receivers. Passive components include multiplexers, demultiplexers, fixed-wavelength filters, couplers, splitters, isolators, and circulators.
  • Active fiber optic components need external power to work while passive fiber optic components work without any external power

Growing Demand for Fiber Optic Components

  • The fiber optic component market’s growth is driven by increasing deployment of data centers, growing internet penetration and data traffic, rising demand for bandwidth and reliability, and developments in the fiber optic components ecosystem
  • Telecom sectors have launched broadband network architectures such as fiber to home (FTTH), and fiber to building (FTTB) architectures that require fiber optic network on a large scale
  • Increasing internet penetration and data traffic are leading to rapid growth of data centers and the need for high-speed transmission networks, thus expanding the fiber optic component market
  • The medical industry also uses fiber optic component technology for illumination, image transfer, and laser signal delivery
  • Fiber optic components are essential in 5G network infrastructures, that brings connectivity closer to end-users

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Asia Pacific to Lead the Fiber Optic Component Market

  • Growing industrialization and infrastructure advancement in Asia Pacific offers significant opportunities to apply fiber optic components in telecommunication and networking sectors
  • China and Japan are investing in high-speed networks and installing fiber to home networks. The government support for digitization is a big benefit to the fiber optic component market growth.
  • Consistent increase in the use of smartphones and internet facilities in Asia Pacific adds to the adoption of optical fiber components for the telecommunication industry
  • Growing number of fixed broadband subscribers and increasing demand for larger bandwidth for faster network connectivity in Asia Pacific drives the fiber optic component market in the region

Key Players Operating in the Global Fiber Optic Component Market Include:

  • Reflex Photonics Inc.
  • Sumitomo electric Industries, ltd.
  • Shenzhen Nokoxin Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Finisar Corp.
  • Fiber Mountain, Inc.
  • Lumentum Operations LLC
  • Broadcom Corporation
  • Accelink Technologies Corporation

Global Fiber Optic Component Market: Research Scope

Global Fiber Optic Component Market, by Type

  • Cables
  • Amplifiers
  • Active Optic Cables
  • Connectors
  • Splitters
  • Transceivers
  • Other Types

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