Global Organic Oats Market- Trend Analysis, Revenue and Driving Demand, 2018-2026


A promising CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) is expected to be charted from the global organic oats market. This is primarily driven by a growingly health conscious community of people. Below are outlined factors that will influence growth of the global organic oats market, creating great growth opportunities. And, these would also help the worth of the market peak substantially.

  • While breakfast is an important meal, it is often missed by a growingly hustling-prone population. It is a natural outcome of longer work-days and larger work-loads, making people both stressed and deficient of any time to prepare good means for themselves. So, the plan of action for many includes going for ready-to-cook or easy-to-eat. And, organic oats not only fits this bill but is also highly nutritious. Thus, it is a perfect breakfast option. And, this perception is batching up with people like wildfire. This will drive growth in the global organic oats market.
  • There is another section of consumer that will drive demand in the global organic oats market and also see more members joining in the group over the forecast period is that of highly nutrition consciously people. It is growing almost in sync with the gym going population that counts its calories ad grams of protein consumed over the course of the day, almost every day.
  • Lifestyle in general is seeing an increased level of physical activity. More and more people are trekking and camping and following forest trails. If anything, this trend survives on small meals, packed with nutrition and as organic oats are a perfect choice for such people, there will be steady growth witnessed in the organic oats market. Besides, the fact that oats are extremely easy to cook and some need only water and salt make these a very lucrative option to be on people on the go.

Global Organic Oats Market: Overview

The global organic oats market is anticipated to reach promising growth level during the forecast period. This is owing to the rise in number of health and fitness conscious people all around the world. Organic oats or rolled oats are basically steamed and dehusked oats rolled into flat flakes by heavy rollers. The flattered oats are then stabilized by toasting it a little. These oats are sold in the form of porridge as they come with the tough bran removed beforehand.

There are different variations to the global organic oats market on the basis of application, product, and distribution. On the basis of application, the market is categorized into snacks and savory products, breakfast cereals and bakery products. With regard to product type, the market is classified into oat bun, rolled oats, and steel cut oats. Further segmentation of distribution channel includes online, convenience stores, and supermarkets and hypermarkets.

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The report presented above is a complete evaluation of the global organic oats market with large focus on market dynamics. It also includes the market drivers, restraints, trends, and opportunities. The above presented report also offers geographical as well as other segmentation of the market.

Global Organic Oats Market: Trends and Opportunities

The rise in demand for organic food is a major factor propelling market for organic oats. Besides that the retail chains are also expanding their business overall and offering organic products thus, accelerating market growth. The emergence of online retail formats and modern trade and the rising preference of consumers towards premium products are also adding to the growth of the organic oats market during the forecast period.

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However, the fluctuating price of input in organic oats may act as a hindrance to the overall growth of the market in the long run. The lack of market standardization may also hamper the market during the forecast period.

Nevertheless, the rise in awareness regarding health and fitness will improve the overall growth of the market for organic oats. Thus, the market can be projected to witness remarkable growth rates in the years to follow.

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Global Organic Oats Market: Regional Analysis

The global organic oats market is geographically segmented into the regions of North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. North American region is seen to be dominating the overall market due to the high rate of obese people in the developed nations of Canada and the United States. Apart from this, Asia Pacific region is also expected to be showing faster growing rates because of the surging health and fitness awareness in the region.

Global Organic Oats Market: Companies Mentioned

Prominent players of the global organic oats market are GrandyOats, Quaker Oats Company, Richardson International Limited, Willow Creek Organic Grain Co. Inc., Blue Lake Milling Pty Ltd., and Helsinki Mills Ltd.

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