Sailing ships have improved drastically since the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution made possible the usage of new materials and designs that developed and altered shipbuilding techniques. A windlass in utilized in order to move heavy ships from one location to another. A windlass allows cost-effective and efficient customized systems to be built to suit the marine vessel’s deck requirements and layout. Shipbuilding has, therefore, become a lucrative industry in several developing and developed countries.

Windlass market for marine industry can be segmented based on type, power type, end-user, application, and region. Based on type, the windlass market for marine industry can be segregated into vertical and horizontal. Vertical windlass is also called capstan windlass. It is the most widely preferred windlass, as it requires less deck space in shipbuilding. A horizontal windlass requires less fall than a vertical windlass. A horizontal windlass is placed behind the windlass deck on the ship behind to support the anchor line. In terms of power type, the windlass market for marine industry can be further classified into manual windlass, electric windlass, and hydraulic windlass. Manual windlasses are utilized for shipbuilding as they are easy to install and potentially less risky. Electric windlasses employ a remote control or foot buttons while steering and motoring up the anchor.

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Electric windlasses are widely preferred as they offer power control for dropping the anchor with an electric brake to stop them. Hydraulic windlasses utilize pressurized hydraulic oil to operate large yachts and ships. In terms of end-user, the windlass market for marine industry can be segmented into offshore support vessels, defense vessels, cruises, large & small ships, and yachts. Based on application, the windlass market for marine industry can be segregated into oil & gas industry. Windlass is utilized to carry heavy offshore support vehicles for crude oil transportation. Based on application, the market can be further segmented into maritime security. Windlasses are employed on defense vessels for patrolling and monitoring marine activities in order to maintain maritime security. Moreover, the market is further classified into tourism industry, based on application. The tourism industry employs cruises, yachts, and small boats, which require windlasses, in order to promote and develop tourism.

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A major drivers of the windlass market for marine industry is its cost-effectiveness. An electric windlass is widely utilized due to its quick and easy installation. New technologies are being developed in order to reduce windlass production costs and to ensure better safety. A key restraint of the windlass market for marine industry is its high cost. A windlass needs to be affordable for small boat manufacturers. Furthermore, high maintenance cost needs to be reduced.

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In terms of geography, the windlass market for marine industry in Asia Pacific region is expanding due to the consistent rise in maritime activities in the region. This has boosted the demand for windlass due to the increase in oil exploration and tourism activities. Marine activities in Asia Pacific region are primarily witnessed in countries such as Australia, China, the Maldives, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and New Zealand which is forecasted to increase in demand for windlass. In North America, the market for windlass for marine industry is anticipated to expand due to the increase in oil & gas exploration activities in offshore areas of the region. In Europe, countries such as Germany, Norway, France and the U.K. are witnessing an increasing demand for windlass market for marine industry due to the significant growth in marine activities. The countries in Latin America are anticipated to witness an increase in demand for windlasses in the near future.

Key players operating in the windlass market for marine industry are Maxwell, Lewmar, Ideal, Rolce Royce Plc., and Nautic Expo.

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