Ideas for a successful SEM campaign with Google AdWords

50% of digital advertising investment is already in the form of SEM campaigns. This means that it is the most important advertising format for many advertisers in online digital marketing.

This is due, among other things, to the fact that it is the main way that prospective clients seek to find products and services, therefore, we do not have to look for our target or buyer persona but rather our future clients are the ones who are looking for us.

The success or failure of a SEM campaign will largely depend on the knowledge and understanding we have of Google AdWords management. Taking this into consideration, here are ideas that we must consider so that success accompanies us from the beginning of any campaign.

Effective keyword analysis

Within an account, once we have created the SEM campaign and its ad groups, the real deciding factor becomes the keywords and their relevance to the searcher. When introducing them into the AdWords campaign, it is essential to take into account the matches, which are the following:

  • Broad Agreement
  • Modified Concordance
  • Phrase Agreement
  • Exact Match

Contrary to what many advertisers think, broad match (which Google generates for us by default) is not always the most appropriate. Our recommendation is this: start with the exact match phrase or keyword, as it guarantees that future visitors will have really searched for the words that we want to associate with our business .

If after a reasonable time, the exact match is working well, it will be the turn of the Phrase Match, always accompanied by negative keywords so that we appear for terms very similar to those desired. And, once the balance is found, we will continue with the Modified Agreement to finish with the Broad Agreement .

Improve the quality level

In SEM campaigns there are two key factors that stand out from the rest. We previously touched on the first one: the realization of a good SEM campaign structure. The second is ongoing critical analysis and review of running ads, but it will depend on proactive checking achieve success and exponentially improve the ROI of our campaigns.

Everyday we should be working on the improvement of the quality level or quality score, which in turn will have a direct impact on the price we pay for each click and this will instantly improve our results.

Here are a few of my top tips to improve the quality leve of your SEM:

  • Pause words with very low CTRs and a quality score below 5.
  • Add a multitude of negative keywords to improve CTR.
  • Start with a CPC higher than your goals, so that you will gain “positive history” from the beginning.
  • Test text ads focused on continuous improvement of CTR (without forgetting the conversion rate).
  • Work on landing pages by improving their content, their loading time, bounce rate or web architecture.
  • Test extensions as if they were text ads.
  • Make a very granular campaign structure so that the text ad is as close to the search query as possible.
  • Never think that a campaign is sufficiently optimized ; If you relax, your competition will beat you to the punch.