How You Can Avoid Plastic Surgery

Even though plastic surgery is an option for people that either have the means to do so or have incidents that have led to physical disfigurement of some sort, but there are also many health-related situations that push people to get cosmetic work done on themselves that could have been prevented. Hear some of those missed opportunities that can be avoided.

Improper Sun Protection

When it comes to protecting your skin from an overabundance of sun, did you know that sunblock is just the tip of the iceberg? To protect your full face, you wear sunglasses with 100 percent SPF protection. This protective eyewear will help you prevent squinting, which over time, contributes to eye creasing and crow’s feet on your face that people get plastic surgery for later in life.

Drugs and Cigarettes 

The list of reasons why you shouldn’t use recreational drugs like cocaine or other snorted or sniffed drugs are long and obvious because the number of reasons to avoid coke is death. Drugs are extremely easy to get addicted to, and find yourself trapped in a deadly habit that is adding zero health benefits to your lifestyle.

Do you really want to put yourself at risk of having a stroke, experiencing memory loss, overdosing, blacking out from seizures, and suffering through mood disorder? Furthermore, recreational drugs can put people in precarious situations that are full of poor choices and can lead to other life-threatening results like acquiring sexually transmitted diseases and dragging yourself and others into car accidents.

Drugs that you snort can also cause intense damage like septal perforation and massive nasal collapse to the inside of your nose. This irresponsible behavior can then lead to the need for nasal reconstructive surgery later in life. If you are abusing drugs and you realize that you don’t have the willpower or discipline currently, seek help immediately.

Cigarettes may be legalized available to buy over the counter in grocery stores. But cigarette smoking is disastrous for your skin and can cause heart disease, cancer, periodontitis, loss of teeth, tissue, and areas of your jaw bone. Let’s not forget the premature signs of aging that are visible in consistent cigarette smokers.

Consuming Too Much Sugar 

Sugar may seem like the most harmless ingredient in the world because it makes things taste so delicious. As they say, ‘everything in moderation.’ When you put moderation itself in moderation and consume excessive sugar after age 35, you may fall into a situation called glycation, which causes the aging process to speed up quite a bit and for collagen molecules in your skin to lose their elasticity.

Cut back on your overall sugar intake consumption, no matter what age you are currently at, so that you can help to stop glycation and look younger for a longer period of time.

Ear Gauges

What are ear gauges, you may ask? Ear gauges are wide earrings that expand the piercing in your earlobe over time until you are left with gaping holes that can jump up to four inches to five inches in width. Should you ever make the decision to never remove those ear gauges, it can be really hard for those holes to seal back up naturally.

In order to repair your earlobes after going through an ear gauge phase, you will eventually need reconstructive surgery, which can carry a hefty price that is in the thousands of dollars and can remove the impossibility to ever wear earrings again. Ask yourself, it is really worth putting ear gauges in your ears with all of these setbacks you may experience, including needing plastic surgery.

The more that you can avoid these health issues that are common reasons why people choose to get plastic surgery, the more that you will be able to benefit from maintaining your natural looks, especially when using skincare products like CBD aging moisturizer.