How to Turn on a Penny Board | Very Easily Step by Step

Turn on a Penny Board


Penny board is a special type of small board. It is lighter and smaller than normal skateboards. It is kind of different to start and stop on a penny board. Even who knows how to ride a skateboard, also need a lesson about it.

Today, I am here with a complete lesson. I will discuss how to turn on a penny board and how to stop on a penny board?

It is not such difficult as people think. You need to understand some point and movements. Now let’s go to the main lesson.

How to Turn on a Penny Board?

I will discuss it step by step.

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Step 1 Place your foot

First thing you need to do is to find two screws which connect the front trucks to the board. Place your front foot just behind the screws. Remember your body will remain in the forward-facing position. This placed foot will be used for balancing and other foot will be used for kicking.

If you are a regular skater lead with your left door and face with your right foot.

If you are a goofy skater then lead with your right foot and face with your left foot.

Step 2 Place the ball of other foot

Now it’s time for the other foot. Place it on the ground as if you are going to kick. Now try to balance the board with the front foot. While trying, pick the back foot up and down. Try it for few times and make it under control.

Step 3 Balancing

Balancing is an important step. If you don’t know how to balance you won’t be able to start properly. First, make sure your shoulder and feet are on the same line. Take most of the weight on your front leg. Lean forward a bit and bend the knee to take the weight. If you are still struggling to get balance, reposition your leg.

Step 4 Turn on the Board

If you are a newbie then you may have to practice this step for a few times. First, push you back foot and lift off. Now place the ball of your back foot on the ground. Now push the penny board forward by kicking with the back leg. It will gain speed then. Now place the back foot on the board and keep riding.

How to Stop on a Penny Board

There are mainly 2 ways to stop your penny board. Let’s learn them.

1. Footbrake Method

You have to use your leg and create friction with the ground. It will slow the board you can stop it then.

Put your back foot down on the ground and let it slide a bit. It will slow down the board. Make sure you are not pushing too hard to slow the board. It will damage your shoe. Sometimes, it may stop your board instantly that will result in flying off.

1. Jumping off Method

Jumping off is very easy. Just jump off of the penny board placing a safe area. You need to worry about the board. It is generally made of durable plastic.

I don’t suggest jumping off method. If you can jump off properly then you may fall. So, try to stop the penny board using footbrake method.


While Turning on a Penny Board

  • Place the board on a flat surface. Otherwise, you won’t get a balance.
  • Use a canvas shoe. I suggest a flat-soled, close-toed shoe.
  • Practice in a safe area.

While Stopping a Penny Board

  • If you choose the footbrake method, push the foot gently. Make sure the friction won’t damage your shoe.
  • If you use jumping off method, jump in flat and safe land. Make sure your penny board won’t reach any unusual place like pond or bush.

Final Words

I have already discussed two major tricks of riding a penny board. Turn on a penny board is a bit hard. But practice makes a man perfect. You have to practice it until you master the process. Stopping a board is very easy. You can tame it in a short time. A penny board is needed to do this process, so you can see the best penny boards at the moment.

Hopefully, you have understood the processes. Now get your board and start practising. Good Luck