How to Send Important Documents Abroad?

We all must have felt the need to send the documents, parcels, business packages or personal gifts, etc from one place to another. Everyone has their set schedules and it is difficult to free up the calendar to go ourselves to a place where we could have saved time just by sending the parcel. Thus courier companies come into the picture. Courier companies help us in saving our time and efforts by helping us delivering these couriers for us.

Courier companies help us in sending medicines and important documents abroad within a short period. Courier services are famous for delivering products to the destination at higher speeds. These days consumers are shifting towards e-commerce businesses. With the growth of online businesses, the demand for efficient and affordable courier services is also increasing. Courier companies provide several courier services such as next-day delivery, fast-forward delivery, express delivery, customized packages, international shipping, packaging facility, tracking facility, etc.

Calculation of international courier service charges

Courier charges can be estimated by going to the courier company’s website and entering the required details.

However, there are a few main factors that affect the courier charges as mentioned below:

  1. Distance: Distance between the origin and destination location is a prominent factor that decided the courier charges. Suppose, we are sending a courier to the UK, courier charges from India to the UK will be based upon the distance between them. Courier charges are always lesser for a domestic courier as compared to an international courier because of the distance factor.
  2. Size of the package: Courier charges also depend on the size of the package. Customers need to pay fewer courier charges for a smaller package and higher courier charges for packages that are larger.
  3. Weight of the package: This is another factor that determines the courier charges for parcel delivery. 
  4. Product Type: Courier charges also depend on the type of product we are shipping. Courier charges for the perishable items are always high.
  5. Insurance: Sometimes customers opt for the insurance of the package. In case the product gets damaged while it’s on the way or gets misplaced, then the customer can claim for the insurance of the product. 

Online businesses can grow at a higher speed with the help of courier companies. Some online businesses think that building an in-house delivery team will save their cost. However, this is not the correct decision. If we outsource the delivery of our business couriers, we can save a lot of time and effort. This way business owners can focus on the key functional areas of the business. They can focus on improving the product quality and variety. Online businesses can sell the products to countries across the globe with the help of international courier companies.

International courier companies have expertise in their field. They are trained in doing international and domestic deliveries. International courier companies have a streamlined delivery process and have a team of trained professionals. Courier services try to maintain transparency in the delivery process and thus they also provide a breakup of the domestic and international courier service charges. There is an advance tracking feature provided by the courier companies. Customers can check the location of the courier with the help of this unique number and business owners can also share it with their customers. This helps the businesses to maintain a level of trust with the customers as the customers can be assured that the product will reach them on time. 

International courier companies help the packages to pass through the international customs process as they have all the required documentation with them. This way parcels can be delivered outside India within a few days. Courier companies deliver almost all the products to other countries provided that the product is not prohibited by the law of land. So, it is easier for businesses to have a global reach.