How to select the best wine fridges

The best wine fridges is a household appliance close to a small refrigerator, in which it is possible to store a few bottles of wine in order to keep them at optimal temperature. Wine requires special conditions so as not to spoil and the best wine fridges are the solution you need and which does not require a complicated installation!

To help you find the best wine fridges, we have selected three devices for you, and we present their characteristics as well as their main strengths and weaknesses.

1. Ivation 8-Bottle  best wine fridges: the most expensive

The Ivation 8-Bottle best wine fridges can hold 8 bottles. This device of energy class B and has an anti-vibration system. It has a sound level of 41 dB and thanks to thermoelectric technology, it is a silent device. The temperature can be adjusted precisely between 8 ° C and 18 ° C and thanks to its 3 wooden shelves, you can arrange your bottles as you wish. Its smoked glass door brings a touch of elegance to your kitchen and the appliance is lit with an LED light. It is sufficiently compact and can therefore easily be installed above a small fridge for example.

The temperature is displayed electronically and whatever the shape of your bottle, you can easily store it. (Bordeaux or Alsace wine form) By purchasing the Ivation 8-Bottle best wine fridges, you will choose quality and efficiency at a very attractive price.

2. Inventor best wine fridges: very good value for money

If you are looking for the best wine fridges with optimal energy efficiency and a low noise level, the model of the Inventor brand may suit you. Energy class A +, its annual consumption is 105 kWh and it has a noise level of 42 dB. Its compact dimensions allow you to install it very easily in your kitchen or even in an office or bedroom. Its storage capacity is 43 liters (14 bottles in all) and it has a glass door with a UV filter for even more protection of your bottles. Household appliances like fridges usually have only one direction of opening their door. With the best wine fridges of the Inventor brand, you will not have any layout problem thanks to its reversible door which allows you to choose the opening side! If you also want to put cans, the specially designed compartment has something to please. The temperature can be adjusted between 2 ° C and 21 ° C.

3. Avanti EWC1021 best wine fridges: clear and refined design

The Avanti EWC1021 best wine fridges can hold 8 bottles, to be placed on the 3 removable wooden shelves for more flexibility. If you want to store a bottle of champagne, for example, you can easily do so by adjusting the height of the shelves. Its brushed black metal frame brings chic and elegance to your interior and the very practical LED lighting will also enhance your bottles. The temperature is adjusted using a touch screen and can be adjusted between 8 ° C and 18 ° C. This best wine fridges also has a temperature sensor (if the temperature inside is higher than the temperature indicated on the control panel, regulation and cooling are done automatically).

4. Haier HRF-629IF6: the best wine fridges

With a total capacity of 550 L, this American fridge represents good value for money. It is a classic model with two doors, one for the refrigeration part, the other for freezing.

The interior equipment is basic but consistent. On both sides, there are enough storage spaces for the volume, even if some users prefer to add an additional shelf.

The water and ice distribution system is rudimentary but works well. The electronic control panel located above allows easy control of the various settings of the device.

The Haier HRF-629IF6 fits easily into any kitchen, thanks to the sobriety of its stainless steel design, but also thanks to its compactness. Indeed, it is slightly less deep than other models of best wine fridges. Even if you had planned to reserve a nice place for this juggernaut, any gain of space cannot be refused.

It is not the least energy-consuming model in its range, with an average annual consumption of 420 kWh. It is however equipped with a ventilated cooling system which, coupled with the use of thermoplastic as an interior material, guarantees good temperature maintenance and therefore better preservation of food.

5. Samsung RH57H90507F: the mid-range best wine chillers

This is our favorite of this selection. With this model, Samsung is shaking up your fridge storage habits.

His particularity? The two-step door opening, which gives you access to the foods you eat the most without opening the entire fridge. This is what the brand calls the “showcase”, equipped with four shelves and two shelves-drawers, distributed over the entire height of the door.

The freezing part is not left out either. Equipped with several shelves, drawers, and shelves, you will easily find the best way to store your frozen products. Space is slightly reduced due to the water and ice dispenser, but it is ultimately logical and specific to the best wine fridges.

With a simple but effective design, the RH57H90507F from Samsung pleases with its quality and its innovative storage system. The interior space is substantial and above all modular, to adapt to individual preferences. Finally, it is quiet and easy to use thanks to its electronic control panel.

It is for its versatile design and its door opening in two stages, thought to reduce energy losses, that this model wins our preference, all ranges combined.