How to run a SEO agency?

Understand Management
understand how Search Engine works
Be able to outsource work if the need come up

Understand management means you should be able to pay staff on time or be able to train staff when the need comes up or plan when to meet clients at the right times in person or online alike and if you say selling a physical product then be able to range storage places such as warehouse to keep the company stock or products simply. The main areas of management for how to staff include two types one type the boss plays the role of being like master so fully in charge of everything this can work well sometimes but often leads to problems since if you make a mistake not many people can help you since only you will understand things. The next type is a management system where you allow staff the freedom to do there own things for example if someone was say in college Monday to to Wedesday you could allow him freedom to only work Thursday to Sunday a week. You could also a step further them the chance to pick there own hours to work this may sound a bit crazy or stupid to you but if you have the right team this approach can be amazing and even improve productive as well. You should on this type of approach be nice to people who work for you such as ask them”How are you today? Good morning, Hows the wife? Hows the husband?” these little things can give you more of open approach to management so they are more like your friends than employees part of why it’s common some of the time for people to go out places outside of work such as bars or clubs or holidays or other things together.

All of the search engines have different rules or process to workout if a site good or bad for example the easiest one to rank in will in generally be Bing the reasons for why is Bing uses a mostly out of date approach when compared to Google for example I could attach a load of semi bad links to my website within 1 week Bing would possibly rank me top place but Google would at best give me a slight ranking improvement overall.

Yandex itself does not rely on backlinks as such having a high amount of backlinks will not help improve your rankings overall. You may be thinking “Hi wait that’s weird or bad?” well I can understand your thinking but here why Yandex itself worked out it is super easy to corrupt or get more backlinks as such they did not want to allow this to work anymore so they changed how the rankings factors work in Yandex now to try and stop people just buying or getting links to workout who’s the best if you think about it like this it makes things more fair to people who less money to rank against billionaire dollar companies overall.