How to make your employees more productive?

If you could induce the effects of physical activity on your body by simply taking a pill, it would cost a lot. Our species had to exert itself to survive, which is why our brains motivate us by releasing feel-good chemicals after a period of strenuous exercises. The times have changed, and now we are rarely physically challenged by our environment. It’s great that most of us don’t have to worry about our safety anymore, but it also means that our bodies are lacking certain something.

Physical activity helps oxygenate your brain, which makes you energetic and more effective. It relieves stress, promotes the growth of new neural connections, but also boosts our serotonin and dopamine levels which makes us more optimistic. That is why it is important to remember about doing some sports between the segments of grueling and intense work. Ping pong tables didn’t appear out of sudden in numerous offices because the bosses all around the world decided in unison that they don’t play table tennis frequently enough. Instead, it was discovered that healthy employees equal more profits. Table tennis and treadmills are just the examples, how with time, offices became more employee-friendly. The unnecessary stress and any health hazards are eliminated because if the employee is to excel at his job, he should feel at ease. To learn about the essential elements of every office, that will improve the mood and productivity of the employees, check out this infographic, provided by FaxBurner.