How to Know Your MacBook Needs Battery Replacement?

Is your MacBook giving you a lot of trouble? Is it running out of power more than usual? It means that the battery might need replacement.

Nothing lasts forever. So don’t think that your laptop’s battery is going to stay with you forever, cause it won’t. A time will come when it will give up, and when this happens, you will simply have to replace it, no big issue.

Most people wait for the complete damage of battery and after that, they go for the replacement, which is not a good thing at all and is never appreciated. You shouldn’t wait for the complete battery failure as it can also harm your system, that’s why manufacturer suggest to macbook battery replacement when it starts to show signs of damage.

Now if you are thinking that how would you come to know if there is a problem with your MacBook’s battery? then don’t worry. We have come up with several ways that can help you spot out if replacement is required.

Your Battery will have a Relatively Low Run Time

One of the major sign of MacBook battery failure is the shortage of running time. Average running time of MacBook Battery after every charge is 12 hours, so if your laptop has started to ran out of power in less than 12 hours, it means that the battery is going to give up really soon.

Your Computer will go Through Unexpected Shut-offs

Though there can be many other reasons for sudden shut-offs, such as if there is a problem in the system’s software, it will suddenly collapse.

But the major reason for unexpected shut downs is often a battery failure. Still, if you want to clear any confusion, you can test your laptop when it is plugged in for charging. Use you MacBook during the charging session and if it shut downs during the process, it means that the issue is with battery and nothing else.

The MacBook will start to Over Heat

There are two major reasons behind the overheating of a laptop, either there is a heavy software / app running in the background or a damaged battery. So first check if there are any programs running in the computer which you don’t know, and if there aren’t, then it sure there is something wrong with the battery.

Battery will fail to Recharge

Another way to point out a failed MacBook battery is by plugging it in with the charger. Though it doesn’t work every time, but still it can help you.

If you cannot see the sign of charging after plugging in, then seek an expert for the battery checkup. But the only problem with this method is that it is not 100% accurate, there is possibility that your charger might be damaged and that’s why the computer cannot detect it.

Go for the Apps

You can also use certain apps to detect if your battery is going to expire or not. There are several apps and software available on the web that tests your battery and informs you if there is any problem with it.

Warnings on the Screens

Sometime, you won’t have to do a lot of work to explore whether your battery is in trouble or not. The MacBook itself will start to show the warning like “Service your Battery” on screens. So don’t ignore those messages as many people do, you must take notice and replace your battery immediately.