How many times have you not gone to a hairdresser because it was recommended to you or because you saw it striking and asked the stylist to cut your hair in one way or another, to pluck your eyebrows, etc., and, this one did not do it as you wanted and you ended up with a bad temper, with a bad haircut , with terrible eyebrows and with the desire to never go back there, to the point that you make him a bad name with your family and friends? …

I think it has happened to all of us and we are always looking for a good place, a good hairdresser, a good stylist, who in addition to doing things the way we like, is professional and has good ideas so that we always look beautiful. I know that it is difficult to find a good stylist, but it is not impossible and with these simple tips and signs, you will be able to choose it well and not have a bad time all the time.

Tips to know if you are a good stylist

1. You feel comfortable

It does not matter if the stylist has a beauty salon or not, since many people work at home. The important thing is that the person who is in charge of everything related to your beauty, makes you feel comfortable, with whom you can talk about what you like and what you want, because if this is not the case, they may end up doing what what he wants with your hair or face and you will not be able to argue with him at the end of his work. Comfort and communication are important when it comes to having a successful relationship with our stylist and so that everything we want to do to ourselves meets our expectations and goes according to our personality, face and way of life.

2. He understands you

When we go to the hairdresser, sometimes we are completely clear about what we want, but many times we cannot explain it in words and we look for different ways to make them understand that we want and this is where our stylist must enter the game of the understanding and advice, since the last thing we want is for him to understand something and at the end you end up in tears because it was not what you wanted. If your stylist is able to understand what you want and the result is what you expected, he is a good stylist.

3. It is neat and organized

As I mentioned before, your stylist will not exactly find it in an establishment such as a hairdresser, so you must pay close attention to whether it is a neat, organized person who maintains all its work items properly. Also, if you are in a hairdresser you should also check if your workspace is clean, since this says a lot about a person, especially if you are leaving your beauty in it. If it is clean, you are in very good hands, and your stylist will take such good care of you, as well as care about where you work.

4. Take care of your personal appearance

You must pay close attention to the personal appearance of the person to whom you are going to give your beauty. Or would you buy some pills to lose weight to a woman who is overweight, that does not say anything good about the product, so if your beautician has a bad cut, a bad hair color, terrible nails, etc., it is better look for more, because if you don’t, you will be the same or worse than him or her. If you care about your appearance, then they care about how you look and how you will look after you get out of there.

5. Suggests things to you

Many times we want them to do things to our hair or face, but we are not completely sure if that will suit us, then that is where your stylist should come in, advising you and showing you new alternatives that if they favor you. However, be careful if those consultancies he gives you are only for you to buy products or for you to get treatments that may affect your health. The idea is that they become your allies and advise you to see yourself and feel good about the things you do to yourself in their establishment.

6. Do not rush

It is obvious that sometimes stylists have so much work that they have to rush from one place to another to fulfill their obligations, however it is not right that due to their eagerness to comply with everything they rush to do things to you and to end you do not end up satisfied. A good hairdresser must take his time, have the skills to organize his time, etc. If your stylist always tells you that they don’t have time to do everything you want, you better find someone else who will dedicate the time you need to get exactly what you want.

7. Knows what he does and what he talks about.

A good stylist should be a professional in everything he does. If you have doubts about some issues, he should be in a position to answer you and if he doesn’t know about the subject, don’t beat around the bush and tells you that he will find out about it. I have visited many places where in addition to cutting your hair, they offer you aesthetic treatments and when it comes to asking specific questions, they do not know about the subject. It’s like going to a fish market and they don’t know about fish or they sell chicken wings. So if you’re afraid that the person you’re putting your head and face on doesn’t know about it, you’d better stay away from there.

8. It’s respectful

Respect can be earned, but hairdressers and estheticians must respect their clients and their decisions. If you decide that you want something in your hair and your hairdresser disagrees, he must keep doing his job to give you what you want. Obviously we must allow ourselves to be advised, but they must respect our decisions and if they have opinions they must do so in a subtle and respectful way (worth the redundancy).

9. Product advice

Your stylist should not only be knowledgeable about the products, but should also be able to give you advice on how to use a product that is specific to you and your needs. Not everyone uses the same hairspray and eyeliner. Your stylist must know which products are the best for you, but without falling into what they always do, which is to put products that they themselves sell through our eyes, and that for selling, they invent miraculous solutions, which in the end can threaten your health.

10. Trustworthy

Confidence and comfort are different but very similar. You should feel comfortable letting someone fix, cut or comb your hair or do your makeup, so to choose a good stylist you must trust him that in the end he will be in charge of granting your wishes, do what you like and in the end achieve that you love

I hope these simple tips help you choose the best stylist. If you have any other share it with us


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