How to Improve the Performance Optimization of React.js Apps Development


It is a JavaScript library that is used to build interactive elements for websites. React.js provides reusable library code that is saving development time and reduces coding error. The two important things that attract React.js Development Company towards JavaScript are:


JavaScript extension makes it easier for the React.js developers to add dynamic content just by modifying DOM using HTML style code. As React.js browser supports all modern web browsers which makes JSX compatible with any browser.

Virtual DOM

It is the duplicate version of the website’s DOM which is used by React.js to look at which parts of the actual DOM need changes. Such selective updating takes less loading time and computing power on complex websites.

Optimization of React Native application can be a challenging task if you have limited time or budget. In such scenarios, you need to focus on the essential elements for the website and filter them to maintain business growth.

Things to focus on during optimization:

Measure Performance

While developing components for the platform, React.js converts them into platform-specific native components. Use the measurement tools that are available to analyze the web site’s performance and build a report.

  • Disable the extensions temporarily as they can hinder the result of your analysis. This can be done by running the browser in incognito mode.
  • Ensure that the application is running in development mode on your localhost.
  • Open the Developer Tools in Chrome and click on the performance and then the Record button.
  • Try recording a maximum of 20 seconds and perform the necessary actions on your website
  • Stop the recording and the React events will be grouped under the label “User timing”

This helps in viewing the UI updates and how often it is updated.

Reduce Size of Application

This will improve efficiency and will encounter fewer issues in the application. Modern consumers have different choices and will avoid installing application if it consumes a lot of space in their devices. React.js Development Company focuses on using various techniques to shrink the size of the application and improve performance. Try removing extra components and reduce graphics to increase the response time of the platform.

Compress the Image Size

Use image caching to provide quick access to photos on various devices. Reducing the image size helps in increasing the React Native application quality.

Use Lazy Loading Images

Images are the heaviest resources that many users can feel when the web pages load. This can degrade the application performance because:

  • Loading image uses data which is wasted if users are not able to see them clearly
  • Once it gets downloaded from the server, it renders the content to UI which leads to heavy consumption of device battery and resources.

Improve the app loading time by loading the images only when needed. The Lazy loading method loads the images only when the user reaches that section of the website.

Make the UI more responsive

The user and owners are very sensitive about their User Interface. Keep the aim to build a user-friendly and quicker response through your platform.

Work on Screen Orientation

React.js developers need to work on the screen orientation problem where sometimes the device crashes while switching between portrait and landscape. This makes it difficult for the users to watch videos, select pictures, or use any other feature of the application. Focus on the root view of the application with the help of developers to avoid such scenarios.


React Native works on a single thread that means it does not support simultaneous tasks at the same time. This means users cannot combine different tasks on the platform until one process is completed.


React.js has a great collection of animation which makes the content neat and clean. One can do this by using animated libraries that send the animation to the native side before it is started to give a seamless experience.

Memory Leakage

This has been an issue in the Android Operating System as multiple unnecessary processes are running in the background. Instead of adding list view, you can use the scrolling feature which provides a smooth experience in the window.

Improve Navigation

This is the core feature of the application you need to enhance the navigation that can result in improving the performance.

Use Immutable Data structures

This is a way to write code that revolves around unidirectional data flow in the application. It has advantages like:

  • Immutable data objects are easier to create, use, and test
  • Easy to track any updates
  • Prevents temporal coupling

Dependency Optimization

While optimizing the application’s bundle size it is important to check the code you are utilizing from the dependencies. You can use various plugins to remove unused functions that are not optimal for your platform.

Wrapping Up!

When you hire React.js developers they will work on many technical and non-technical sections of your application to improve performance. AS an owner you need to update the platform regularly and work on adding new functionalities whenever required. The digital market has various methods and tools that can help in optimizing the application and its elements. Get in touch with an experienced and professional React.js Development Company for better results through your application. They have the right knowledge of optimization and build strategies to grow your business