The world has been experiencing incredible changes in the last few weeks. Most of us never expected the COVID-19 crisis would last so long. The truth is that this virus has hit many households extremely hard demanding that people from all corners of the globe remain in lockdown.

Many people are being forced to work from home and unfortunately many are losing their jobs as businesses are closing down. 

To make things worse, children who would normally be at school are also being forced to stay home. They are spending most of the day watching Netflix, playing games and driving parents up the wall. 

The school system is attempting to deliver online lessons however, it’s not working as many students struggle to learn new concepts in the classroom and now are falling even further behind. 

This is a major concern for most parents. 

Parents are becoming stressed out and unable to engage in productive activities with their children. 

This combination of a stressed household and lack of teacher support is damaging to a child’s development.

We all need to look for a way to start earning money while at home and help develop children’s learning during and even after this crisis subsides.

A good example of a business that does this and also costs nothing to join is 

They offer Live Online Tutoring Services that help parents keep their children busy with fun, tailor-made learning plans on both Mathematics and English. This is now in high demand due to the crisis and all you have to do is recommend the tutoring service to people and offer a voucher for a free online session. This session will showcase to parents and students the benefits of having a Live Online Tutor that offers unlimited help with Maths and English 5 days a week. 

Sharing the service is a simple task, as many parents will gladly take a free online lesson as they are legitimately in need of help and want to get tutoring for their children. 

There are many work-from-home opportunities out there that force you to buy some kind of package and you have to convince others into buying something. This is very different, you don’t pay to join and you don’t sell anything. 

You are simply giving away vouchers to people so they can try out a valuable educational service for there kids. 

If they end up signing up for more lessons, you will get paid a healthy referral fee. 

We went to the website and clicked the refer and earn button and then found out how you get paid. 

They will give you $50 once you have recommended 5 people who opt for a free lesson. 

They also give you $100 if the person you referred decided to sign up for the 12 or 24-month tutoring program. 

It’s very straightforward and people have nothing to lose. 

People who are looking at the “Share the Love” program are not making any monetary investment. This is the kind of business model that is going to become quite popular especially right now. 

The internet is now going to become the workplace of many people who previously only used it for fun and entertainment.

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