The Like button, launched on Facebook in 2009, is considered The Social Network’s currency-people became addicted to Likes as a form of social evidence, a symbol of your popularity and significance. When businesses started flooding the network in response to its rising user base, Likes also became a key business factor.

You’re no one if nobody likes you and from a branding point of view, that’s even more true.

Facebook (when it was created, it was “The Facebook,” later ‘the’ was excluded) has been going on in our lives since 2004. The development has since been massive. While it has several other social media rivals such as Facebook, Snapchat, etc … it still holds the distinction of being the most engaged social network.

We may argue that Facebook is the leader of many technological technologies. But it still profits as a company from ‘being the first’ in the market.

Instagram and Facebook

Unlike Instagram, Facebook has more ways to view news, videos, gathering communities, make polls, etc., without time limits. Today it is used as mass media such as televisions and newspapers.

It’s so quick to post live images or live streams on Facebook and you can have access to millions of users from around the world. In your region, you can also influence the political situations. Via Facebook you can see what is going on out there.

Many political / civil demonstrations were coordinated from Facebook and in some countries they also triggered revolutions.

Since Facebook is so critical and, like any social media, has a big effect, having likes, fans, reviews and views decide what you want to expose the audience to. You can buy Facebook likes if you have a Facebook page, or you can buy followers on Facebook.

Facebook remains a growing platform for those seeking to support its interest and reputation in social media. Social media users in this situation must be as active on Facebook as they are on Instagram.

When your account is not private but as a Facebook page and seeks to increase your target audience, you can buy a Facebook page with your likes again. Buying Facebook page likes is popular on Facebook with businesses and individuals alike.

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Which is the difference between Bot-Likes and Real?

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Which are the advantages of buying Facebook Likes?

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