How to dress like a powerful man?

Ever heard of ‘power dressing’? The true essence of power dressing lies in the confident image conveyed through an artful and immaculate yet stylish look rather than piling on a number of branded items that echoes only money. You want the clothes to reflect your personality and choices.

To show the ones around you that you mean business (with your dressing style), here are a few tips:

1.      Don’t buy the cheapest items –

The cheap will look and feel cheap, in terms of material, texture, fit and quality and this would, in turn, impact the complete look. Opting for a much better brand will give you a premium and rich look and feel and will be durable too. For example, if you buy a duplicate Puma T-shirt for say, Rs 250, you can wear it for four or five times but can be easily identified as non-genuine. On the other hand, if you spend a 100 more and buy a better brand like Roadster, Wrogn, UCB etc you won’t regret it because it offers premium styles and durability.

2.      Don’t show off logos

Though there are several premium brands that have apparels and accessories with their logos standing out, it is in fact best to avoid the practice of investing in them.

This is because, a recognizable brand would mean people may recognize its price as well. Though its an advantage in the case of premium labels, it can backfire when you are opting for cheap brands.


3.      Have at least 4 pairs of shoes

Have at least 4 parts of shoes and wear them based on occasions. You need at least 2 casual shoes.

Your shoes are silently capable of speaking a lot about the man you are.Hence, its essential that you own some smart pairs of shoes that are versatile and can make a style statement. So make sure you invest in a good pair of black/brown oxfords & brogues (formal) and another pair of casual shoes to ensure you have one for every occasion.

4.      Fit – All dress should fit well.

The devil is always in the details. You might be wearing a shirt from the latest collection of Ralph Lauren but if the fit isn’t right, then nothing is! Be it a shirt, t shirt, trousers or blazer, the fit is and should the king always. And that is a fashion mantra that you should always keep in mind. Fit factor has the power to transform any normal outfit to dapper.

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5.      Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses, truly, are the most functional and fashionable accessory. Ever since Hollywood fell in love with them, they have been constant companions of men and women alike. Sunglasses have the power to elevate and the complete look of your outfit. Moreover, the right pair of sunglasses can work wonders on your facial silhouette, accentuating your features and face shape and add an oomph factor.

So the next time you are stepping out, make sure you grab your sunglasses.

6.   Wear a watch – Link to celebrity watches blog (I will link)

Business meetings or casual dinners, a watch can influence your wardrobe choices and up your outfit game totally.

Dimensions, calibers, color, straps — watchmakers unveil an unending number of choices and styles every year to suit every taste and trend in the world of timepieces.

Wait! Do you know how your wrist size impact the overall styling when you wear a watch? Knowing your wrist size is important and that’s why we have this watch size guide to help you on this.

7.      Use Cologne – Link to our fragrances blog (I will link).

Perfumes are an invisible part of your personal style and choices. It has a significant effect on how people perceive you. Your scent and personal choice of fragrance not only helps you to make the right first impression, it can also make it easier for others to remember you.

Tip: Don’t use extremely cheap ones or strong ones. Though perfumes will cost you a bit,they are quite an investment and use them sparingly for occasions. For daily use, use a deodorant, though you may need to reuse it more than once a day.

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