How to Copy and Paste an Image: A Guide

Do you want to share photos from the web? Do you know how to copy and paste an image regardless of the computer or mobile device you are using?

“Copy” and “paste” are two commands that you will find in a computer user interface. They are also two of the most frequently-used commands. There are no official numbers as to how many times people use these two commands.

However, some sites help you track your computing habits. The copy and paste commands somewhat complement your Google image search. After finding an image that you need, the commands allow you to save them for future use.

But if you recently moved from PC to MacBook or iPhone to Android, do you know how to perform these commands the quickest way possible?

Continue reading below for a comprehensive guide.

How to Copy and Paste an Image on Mac

If you were a long-time Windows PC user and you recently switched to Mac, the process of copying and pasting an image is slightly different. First, select the image that you wish to copy. Most Mac applications allow you to select an image by clicking it once.

Thereafter, go to the menu bar and hit “Edit” then click “Copy.” This will copy the image to your Mac’s Clipboard.

Also, there are a few more alternatives to these steps. You can hit Command + C to copy the image. You can also press Control then click on Mac then hit “Cop” in the menu that will pop out.

To paste the image, you can go back to the menu bar then hit “Edit.” Look for the “Paste Item” option then click it to paste the image. Alternatively, you can hit Command + V or right-click on the mouse pad before clicking “Paste” in the menu.

In case you wish to copy image files, click the file that you want. You may also select several files. Simply press and hold down the Command key then select the files.

To paste the files, click on the folder where you wish to transfer them. Perform the same steps as you would with an image.

Doing the Same Thing on Windows PC

In case you are ditching your old Mac for a PC, you can still copy and paste images and image files with much ease. First, click the image or image file that you want. For multiple image files, press and hold the Ctrl key.

After clicking the image, hit right-click on your mouse. In case you’re using a trackpad, tap your trackpad’s far-right side using one of your fingers. Alternatively, click your trackpad using two fingers.

Thereafter, hit “Copy” or “Copy Image” from the drop-down menu. This will copy the image or image file to your Clipboard.

Another method is pressing Ctrl + C or clicking “Edit” in the menu bar and selecting “Copy.”

To paste, right-click on the field where you wish to transfer the image. If you’re transferring a file, right-click on the destination folder.

Complete the process by hitting “Paste.” You may also press Ctrl + V to paste the image or image files.

On Your Android Phone

Performing a Google search by image like a pro is one thing, but copying and pasting it on your Android phone is another. After completing your search by image, give the latter a long tap. Release your finger once a menu appears on the screen.

Look for the “Copy” option and tap it. This will automatically save the image on your smartphone or tablet’s Clipboard. Thereafter, go to the field where you wish to move the image.

Give it a long tap then select “Paste.” The note that this will insert the image in the area where your cursor is.

On Your iPhone or iPad

When using an iPhone or iPad, perform a long tap on the image that you want to copy and paste. Release your finger once you see the pop-up menu. Select “Copy” to send the image to your iPhone or iPad’s Clipboard.

Move over to the destination field or folder and give it a long tap. Wait for the menu to appear and tap “Paste.” Much like with the Android phone, hitting “Paste” will insert the image where the cursor currently is.

Important Reminders

Learning how to copy and paste an image is important. But do you know that copying images from the web comes with certain limitations?

If you are wondering if copying an image from websites is illegal, then the answer is “no.” There is nothing wrong or illegal about copying pictures and text from websites. However, it is what happens after you copy the text or image that may put you in trouble.

The key lies in what the web page’s copyright has to say. It is the copyright that protects any published work from illegal use. By illegal, it means using the image or content without prior authorization.

One common example is when people visit a certain webpage and copy all the text on that webpage. Thereafter, they use the text on another webpage. In this case, the users break the copyright laws of the webpage where they derived the text from.

The same thing goes for images. You cannot simply copy images from websites and use them on the website that you manage. You need to check the site’s copyright laws first. If it says you cannot reproduce the image without consent, then you need to go through the process.

You need to secure permission first.

On the flip side, you can also protect your site’s images and text from illegal use. You can disable the right-click option. You can also apply watermarks to your images.

Last but not least, you should practice including copyright notices.

Master Your Devices

Learning how to copy and paste an image across all devices may sound like a simple thing. But learning how to do it efficiently will save you more time and do wonders in completing certain tasks. However, it is only one of the many tricks you must learn when transitioning to a new device.

We invite you to explore our other articles. We have guides discussing different tips and tricks that will help you become a master of various devices.