How to Choose Flash Light and SureFire R1 Lawman Review

It is the lumen that is the ultimate source of light in the flashlight. This flashlight has been manufactured with an aluminum body and is also water-resistant. Many of us think that flashlight is that material that is only used outside in darker areas. But it is also used inside houses for safety and when there is an electrical failure. Some flashlights are also made with SOS mode that is used to send a signal when they think they are in danger. So here are some specifications of Anker Bolder LC90 which is


When we think about light production, this is an incredible flashlight. At the peak of its light, it creates 900 lumens that are like a continuous source of light in any condition. This also includes an average and high amount of light mode which is also very helpful if you do not want so much light.


The size of the flashlight is compact and handy. It has a comfortable grip so you could hold it covering your full hand on the handle of the flashlight.

The thing to remember is that it is not too compact and handy if you are thinking to put this into your pocket. Well, it can go inside your pocket but it is not that comfortable to keep in there all day.


It is made up of strong aluminum and is so robust that can tolerate some rough treatment. There is no worry breaking of the flashlight if it falls down. As you can see by its strong build that it is unbreakable even when it is used heavily.

It has one concern with its lanyard. It will sometime give an annoying disturbance when holding out your flashlight. Yet the overall working of the flashlight is great.


The duration of the flashlight is good enough because it works great compared to other flashlights. On average mode, this LC90 flashlight can function for more than 13 hours. The best part is that you can get more time if worked on low light.

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It looks small but has a strong beam light and the function is not bad while on high and low modes. Even after long hours and days, there is no requirement of charging it at any point.



One thing including in the flashlight is the lanyard. It is like an extra material which is not needed. This does not contain a pocket clip, a case for easy carry. It just has a USB cable which is very useful in terms of charging.

SureFire R1 Lawman Review

The SureFire R1 Lawman has a productive answer to every problem. This  flash light that provides a user-programmer tail cap, letting the head switches to give three various light levels or a strobe.

The evaluation of SureFire R1 Lawman

  1. There are two lower light levels- To the top settings; the SureFire R1 Lawman is capable of giving 1000 lumens. If you set it in a medium setting that will give you 150 lumens, as the low settings provide 15 lumens. Because of this, it is an adaptable tactical flashlight that can be used in any surroundings.


  1. It works on two different sources of power- when you buy this SureFire R1 Lawman, you will get a Lithium-Ion battery that requires charging. There is an option of using this flashlight on rechargeable 123A if you want, and there is no decrease in the lumen levels while using the substitute energy source. This also contains a power gauge so you can see how much power is remaining.


  1. The flashlight is durable- The LED is actually the strongest material in this flashlight. It contains a strong force rating and it shows O-rings and covering called gasket to get rid of dirt, dust and even moisture. This contains the working of a microprocessor, the working time and the level of the light outcome each time appears to be increasing.


  1. The shade of the light is not always white- Sometimes it looks like it is a green shade of the flashlight. This appears when you put these settings at the highest. Even with avoiding the external factors and constantly cleaning the lens even changing the batteries, the shade problem still remained the same.


  1. We should know about the running time- The running time of this flashlight came has 1.75 hours when it was set at the highest settings. To get the proper rating, the outcome remains above 50 lumens. The difference is much considering 1000 lumens. If you keep this flashlight switched on always, you will see a decrease in the intensity of light. The best light outcome is at 150 lumens, which is a good and stable setting for use.


This is the perfect flashlight if you want something lighter and brighter. If the small problem does not bother you, then this flashlight is for you. Despite having small issues this is a definite choice of many to buy. It is handy and comfortable and also can be used professionally by officers or when you need to travel from the darkest area.