How to choose an NCERT solutions guide for class 12 Maths?

NCERT solutions guide for class 12 Maths

Grade 12 is definitely a significant phase that every student comes across. Though one appears for the 10th board exams, it is natural for one to feel lost somewhere while preparing for the board exams. One of the reasons might be the stress that arose out of fear of getting into top-notch colleges. Grabbing a seat in a top-notch college would definitely be one’s cup of tea if one could score good marks in the board examination. So, it is ultimately the preparation and hard work that one puts in that decides the college that you join. 

So, next, comes the question: How do I prepare for the exam? It is ideal for mastering all the concepts in the entire book so as to attend to all the questions. It is natural that some face difficulties in Mathematics. Do the Math to master the shortcuts and nuisances to solve the problems meticulously. Fix a goal to score 100%, and there are always high chances of one to score the best when one moves in line with the goal with sheer confidence. 

List of NCERT solutions guide 

Solutions guide is a necessary companion for Mathematics. There are a lot of offline solution guides that are available as books in the nearby bookstores. Some of the cheap and best guides are listed below: 

  • Oswaal NCERT Problems Solutions Textbook-Exemplar Class 12 (4 Book Sets) Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology (For Exam 2022) 
  • Arihant NCERT Solutions Mathematics For Class 12th (Paperback, Prem Kumar) ● CBSE All in One Mathematics Class 12 for 2022 Exam (English, Paperback, Kumar Prem) 

It is important to note that an updated version should be referred to while considering these printed versions. Rather than relying upon a printed version, it is also better to switch to the NCERT solution guides that are available online. Online versions are updated from time to time, and you shall kill two birds with a single stone. Yes, you can save money, and at the same time, you can choose a guide that is easy for you to comprehend. 

While in the case of books, it would be difficult for you to choose the one that is easy for you to understand unless you buy them. Whereas, when you seek online guides, they are completely free, and there are a lot of exclusive options like videos, doubt clearing etc.… This makes your learning simplified. Let us skim through a few study online solution guides that are available for Grade 

12 Mathematics. 


Doubtnut is undoubtedly India’s leading e-learning app for students of grade 12th. It has an extensive resource that provides a detailed solution question wise and chapter wise. The

self-explanatory videos are crisp and simple and assist one in easily comprehending things on one’s own. NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths are uniquely designed and monitored based on the requirements of students.

Key Highlights of NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths 

  • All Maths video solutions in Hinglish (Hindi-English). 
  • Step by step solutions for proper comprehension of concepts. 
  • Sequential exercise-wise solutions of all the questions of NCERT grade 12 Maths textbook. 
  • Maths tips and tricks to provide an in-depth understanding of concepts. 
  • PDF solutions for Class 12 Maths where all the solutions are arranged chapter-wise. 
  • With these video tutorials, you can study anytime-anywhere at your own convenience and comfort. 


It is also a leading online platform that aids in providing the best possible guidance in education. It facilitates smooth and precise comprehension of the concepts. There are a lot of solved examples and worksheets for practice that would help kids master the basics and score well in the examinations. 


Vedantu is yet another online platform that serves the purpose. It provides solutions in PDF format free of cost, which could also be printed and used at our convenience. It makes the toughest things easiest and helps you grasp things quickly in order to score well in the examinations. 


This is another leading platform that provides detailed chapter-wise solutions. It can also be downloaded in PDF format for offline/printing purposes. It is drafted in such a way that it would be easy for students to clear JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT etc… 

Hence, there are quite a lot of online platforms that aid in providing the best possible solutions guide. But, here are a few things that one need to consider in choosing the NCERT solutions to guide for class 12 Mathematics: 

  • Choose the one that is easy for you to comprehend. 
  • Simple, precise and clear cut solutions are preferable. 
  • Tips and tricks are ideal for easy understanding. 
  • Well structured and organised content is mandatory. 
  • Video (self-explanatory) solutions are an added advantage 
  • Online chat benefits will help you clear your doubts instantly.
  • It is also better to print the solutions so that you need not to strain a lot sitting for hours in front of the system. 

May it be any guide that you refer to, learn and understand the way the problem is solved and try to devise your own steps to solve the problem based on your understanding. This will help you in applying the knowledge practically. Surf through the guides and choose the one that is 

understandable to you and go through it. Print them if you feel that you will need to go through them for a long time. Solve all the problems on your own one by one based on your understanding. Choose the best that matches your understanding and score the best!! 

Frequently asked questions: 

Why is it essential for you to go through the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths? 

Usually, NCERT books are recommended by CBSE, and it is mandatory to have enough practice. In addition to solutions, sample papers are provided that would help you get maximum practice and score the best. 

Can I clear my other doubts based on NCERT solutions? 

You are free to ask questions and clear your doubts. Experts will answer promptly.