How to buy Pakistani Designer lawn suits in the UK?

With the approach of Spring and Summer, it can only mean one thing for Pakistani women’s fashion: it is the season of the lawn suit. There’s nothing like something lightweight and comfortable to wear, and designer lawn suits allow you to do it in truly gorgeous and spectacular fashion. However, if you live in the UK, you might worry that your options are limited. So, where can you find them in the UK?

About the lawn suit

If you’re already looking for a lawn suit then there is a very good chance that you already know precisely what they are, but for those who might not know precisely, let’s go over the basics. Lawn suits are the name for the traditional salwar kameez that is specifically made from the fabric called lawn (called that because it was initially produced in Laon, France), which is made from linen yarns. 

This gorgeous, lightweight fabric was found to be perfect for Pakistani outfit designs and, as such, as the lawn suit became one of the most popular outfit choices for women in warm weather. They are made even more popular by the fact that they can be worn in all manner of colors, designs, and prints. They’re great for casual wear, as well as more suitable for semi-formal occasions, such as welcoming guests to the home.

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Finding Pakistani designer lawn suits

If you’re looking for lawn suits UK that embody all the traditional and popular designs of modern Pakistani women’s wear, then you might want to look for designer lawn suits in particular. All the major Pakistani women’s fashion designers have their range of lawn suits, typically known for their high-quality fabrics as well as more unique designs that can help you be extra comfortable while giving you that extra aesthetic edge.


House of Faiza: your source of Pakistani designer lawn suits in the UK

Based in London, House of Faiza is a women’s fashion store that specializes in bringing Pakistani designs from a huge range of designers here to the UK. We’re based in Soho Square, right by Soho Square Gardens, and can be found just to the left of the We Work building. We carry an extensive range of Pakistani designer lawn suits, helping you find the designs and styles that best fit your personality while offering a level of quality that others may find difficult to match.

Browse our collection online

You don’t have to be London-based to enjoy our extensive range of Pakistani designer lawn suits, however. We deliver everywhere in the UK, so take a look at our website and explore our entire range. You can sort through by budget, by size, and by brand, allowing you to easily find the lawn suits that match your needs.

If you’re looking for Pakistani designer lawn suits in the UK, then there’s only one option that’s worth considering. Come visit House of Faiza in London or browse our website at to learn more.