How to Begin with Buying Programmatic Advertising?

Once one knows the answer to the basic question of what is programmatic advertising, the next question arises how to choose the appropriate platform. Though a tricky job, here are some useful guidelines:

  • Set the objectives:

Before anything, the first and foremost thing to be done is to know what you want to achieve. This will make your job of taking decisions more successful and to the point. In future to attain your set aim you might decide on increasing the sales production or boosting the brand awareness or elevate the traffic of the website, and many more of the same. Also, at this primary level, you need to spot your target audience, without defining your target audience; you won’t be able to progress.

  • Decide on the Ad format:

There several digital formats doing around, you need to pick out the best. Among the most common types are Display Ads, Video Ads, Mobile Ads, OTT Ads, and Native Ads. The display ads are the banner ads and others which are generally static or in some cases incorporate animation. Video ads get featured in between or at the beginning of articles or videos; they are considered the most entertaining. A mobile ad appears on various websites and applications, and they are very much the trend nowadays.

Besides, there are Over The Top or OTT ads that are almost similar to the TV ads, needing to be streamed via the internet, and they are to be connected along with the OTT video to laptops, Smart Phones, Gaming systems, Smart TVs, etc. Lastly, comes the native ads that require the utilization of analytics and Al for efficiency, they are said to blend into a platform’s content most smoothly. Determining the right format is a crucial task.

  • Fix the pricing range:

Setting the budget of your ad space will decide on future expenditures. You can opt for day to day budget model, i.e. once the final budget line is reached the ad will cease to run for the day till the next. You can also go for the RTB campaign where the DSP will show the bid as soon as someone visits the particular website; so one will have to win the auction for getting their ads displayed.

There are two units of financing, either it’s the Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM), here you’ll have to pay for every 1000 views of your ad, or it is the Cost Per Click (CPC), in this case, you get to pay at every view of your ad. Both the systems have its pros and cons, and thus you need to choose the best for your ad type.

  • Keep yourself well informed about the methods:

You must know how this system of buying and selling of ads goes around. The three primary approaches are Programmatic Direct, Real-Time Bidding and Private Marketplaces. Programmatic Direct is the approach where before the automation of the advertisement, the publisher and adviser agree to a 1:1 deal.

Real-Time Bidding, also known as RTB, is a data-driven process which is entirely automated. Here, advertisers bid in real-time, i.e. as soon as a web page is visited space goes for auction and the person with the highest bidding get the space, the entire process happens in a moment. And Private Marketplace is an alternative for buying ad space in the open market; rather, they can invest in private platforms.

  • Select the right platform:

Picking up on the DSPs is of much importance for it includes various aspects such as social, programmatic and searches advertising platforms. Choosing any renowned programmatic trading desk can give you access into 18 platforms namely Facebook, Amazon, Spotify, Instagram, Media Math, Google Ads, The Trade Desk, DV 360, etc. and many more. These are globally acclaimed surfaces which can help in widespread promotion.


These help in earning much accuracy and perfection if chosen successfully, in a generalized manner, these are the instruction one needs to follow for selecting a platform.