How to Activate Analytics on TikTok in 2022

TikTok in 2022

Have you recently opened a profile on TikTok and want to see some analytics to improve your social strategy? TikTok recently released an analytics tool for pro accounts. To activate analytics on TikTok and view the statistical data of your account, it is necessary to activate a pro account.

How to activate a pro account on TikTok

Activating your pro account is very simple. Go to your profile settings and open the “Account management” tab. In the screen that opens, select “Switch to a pro account.”

You will then be asked to select a category to allow TikTok to show you personalized analytical information; the category will not be displayed in public. The categories include Public figures, Personal accounts, Education, Media, Art, etc. These are the simple steps you need to do to activate a pro account. In case you have not yet created an account on TikTok, you may also be asked for the phone number to enter a verification code.

How to View Statistics on TikTok?

There is no need to activate analytics to view statistics on TikTok, once you have upgraded to account pro, opening the settings, you should see the “analytical” item. TikTok starts recording analytical information after making the switch to the pro account. So initially, you will not have access to analytical information, so I recommend you to publish a lot of content so as to offer TikTok as many videos as possible on which to show you the analytical information. As you can see, the analytical data that can be viewed through this tool are many, divided into three sections: Overview, Content, and Follower. Now that you are able to read your profile statistics, use them to understand what your followers like and how to maximize your views.

How to use TikTok Analytics?

Once you understand how to activate TikTok analytic, it is important to understand what data I can analyze and how to use it. TikTok analytic is a tool that provides data on the demographic, interest, and activity of your followers. It is a very important tool for your business and for your marketing strategy. But let’s see in detail how best to use this data.

Content: performance of your videos

In this section, you can find several interesting data regarding the progress of each of your videos. By clicking on each video on this screen, you can access more information. If you don’t see this information, it means that you have recently published the video and TikTok does not show you the statistics yet, in this case, you will have to wait a few days.

With these first data, you can immediately notice how your audience interacted with the post. The most important data, in my opinion, is the average viewing time, the closer the average time will be to the total time of the video, and the more the video will be promoted by TikTok in 2022 without get custom Tik Tok comments from this link.

Follower activity:

In this section, you can better understand who your followers are and where they come from, so you can evaluate if your content is suitable for your audience. A very important section concerns the activity of your audience, knowing this information you can publish videos in the hours of maximum activity, to ensure you reach as many people as possible. You can see the activity for hours or days of the week. My advice is to publish the video 1/2 h before the maximum peak. The last section concerns the interests of your followers, i.e., the sounds they listen to and the videos they have seen.