How Make Money With An Online Using A Website And Proper SEO

People who want to start making money online often neglect SEO because that word is something that sounds totally strange; But SEO positioning is probably the key to your success or, conversely, not making a dime.

We analyze the meaning of your digital offerings, thereby increasing their value, thereby increasing the impact on your users. If the model follows the function and especially the person, the web design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. This creates real advantages for your company and your users.

It is true that if you want to create a blog and get money from it, set up an online store, or start a freelance business, you need to write quality content, have good products to sell, and offer a good service to your customers.

But if your blog, your online store, or your website as a freelance does not appear in the first results of Google, what use are the rest of your efforts?

That is why today in this article I am going to explain what SEO is and why it is important if what you want is to undertake some type of project to make money online.

During twenty years of working as a Marketing & Arizona  Web Design company , righteous ambassadors have been repeatedly emphasized on the assumption that people ignore design that ignores people. This is why we intentionally place people at the center of our conceptual decisions.

What is SEO positioning?

SEO positioning is a technique based on various strategies to increase your visibility on the Internet and attract more traffic to your website (whatever the type), and thus increase search engine positioning.

If for example, you want to create a craft website, SEO positioning is the technique that will allow you, when someone on Google writes the word “crafts”, your page appears among the first search results:

And not on the last pages where, surely, nobody will see your result and, therefore, they will not visit your website, nor will you earn money if you sell products or want to get customers.


SEO OBL. OBL stands for Outbound Links. Outbound links are those that come to your website from another website or a link to your website from a simple, niche and authority website is called outbound links. Outbound links are also known as backlinks. obl in seo you want to ensure to include a link goes to the local towns site or commerce page.

Why SEO positioning is important if I want to make money online?

If you want to open a blog to make money from it, create a store and sell online, or establish any other type of online business, SEO positioning is important because …

It is good to give visibility and value to your business and your brand

With search engine optimization what you obviously want is to appear in the search results as high as possible. With this you will get more users to enter your website, and the chances that they buy or contract your services or products will be greater.

But you will also add value to your business. Why? Because if with your SEO strategy you get that, looking for different (but similar) words, your page or blog will always appear among the first results, the name of your store, website or blog, will be gradually engraving in their minds.

And in the future, when they think about that product or service, they will be more likely to come to you to buy or contract what you offer.


SEO provides credibility and trust

Browsers who search are making mental notes of the results that appear when they search Google or other search engines – even if they do not know or realize it.

And being among the first search results is a vote of confidence because his thinking is “if Google says that this business is relevant and places it in the top positions, it must be a trusted website”.

SEO positioning provides traffic to your page

It is clear that traffic and visits alone will not give you money. But if you opened a store, where would you do it? On a street where 100 people pass a day, or on a shopping street that is traveled by hundreds of thousands of people every day?

By pure statistics you would be more likely to have someone enter your store and buy if it is located in a place visited by thousands of people than in another where only a few pass.

And the same goes for search engine positioning: if you appear in the first search results, thousands of people will enter your page; But if you appear from page 3 of the results, few will click on your website.

SEO provides you with a detailed profile of your clients

As I have already told you in the previous point, SEO positioning generates traffic to your page, and Google Analytics is the tool responsible for tracking that traffic.

This tool provides you with invaluable data and metrics to better understand the profile of your visitors: how they search, what language they speak, what technology they use, what time they are most active, their age group, and gender.

And this will help you make decisions about your blog, online store, or business with more information to improve your sales strategies, both online and offline.