How do I choose boxing shoes?

Boxing is one of the toughest sports in the world. There is a constant need to jump and accelerate to better find your opponent. This means you will have a great aggravation to your ankles and footbed that are receiving all the pressure from the ground. However, there are simple solutions that can make you feel comfortable and secured during the boxing games.

The boxing shoes are the number one accessory that you can possibly buy online and be directly delivered to you from the manufacturer. Most of the people are aware of their safety tips in order to become the best boxing players according to their potential.

Your boxing shoes should be able to give you the chance to unleash the power from inside you and reach your full boxing potential. The secret in boxing is to stay always standing up against your opponent no matter how hard he is trying to give you a knock-out. This can only happen when you are equipped with the right kind of shoes that are all specially designed for this odd sport.

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What are the best features of the boxing shoes?

Boxing shoes need to be heavier than the average shoes. Many manufacturers are filling up the rubber outsoles with sand or other heavy materials in order to make them heavier and more stable to any possible chance of their activity status. Boxing players have the extra power needed to move themselves around the boxing court without noticing the extra boxing shoes weight.

Additionally, the outsoles are supposed to have the greatest number of lugs that you can possibly find in such shoes. Rubber lugs are giving you the highest friction rate to any possible kind of ground. This can make you more confident that you will stand up no matter what the special conditions on the ground are.

Not to mention, that you are supposed to have breathable shoes in order to finish the game without any additional aggravation from your feet. This can happen only if you opt for the best boxing shoes that are having special holes on their sides to give you improved air flow to the lower feet when you are competing. This feature helps air reach your footbeds and remove all the moisture that comes out in form of sweating and aggravates your situation while playing.

Moreover, the shoelaces are supposed to be solid and never loosening up through the game. This is important for all boxers that see their shoelaces as a vulnerable part of the opponent. It means that some boxers have thought in the past to step on their opponent’s shoelaces in order to make him lose his balance and fall on the ground. That is why modern boxing shoes are always having a stable rubber strap instead of traditional shoelaces to come up with a viable solution for this flaming issue.

Finally, one of the most crucial features that modern boxing shoes are having is the inner cushioning that starts from the ankle area and goes all the way through the shoes to reach the forefoot area. This cushioning is strategically placed all over your sensitive footbed soft tissues in order to relieve pressure from them. You may also have extra cushioning to the forefoot area so that you don’t feel that the toe fingers are not adequately protected. The extra room that boxing shoes are usually providing to the toe fingers adds on to your stability and that is why cushioning is also important to exist over there.


If you want to be a professional boxer then you definitely need to identify the best pair of shoes that will keep you standing on the boxing courts. The right shoes can be the ones that will enhance your stability with smart ways and without aggravating the normal movement of your feet.

Most of the modern brands are using quality leathers to embrace your feet and give you waterproof protection when you need to play outdoors. Shoes should be always breathable to let the air flow passing though them and give comfortable senses to the boxers when competing.

Invest in your boxing shoes so that you can claim to become a great boxer.