How can you make money with Instagram?

Behind the seemingly spontaneous posts, there is almost always a lot of planning and effort. If you want to promote your company or the personal brand on Instagram, you should never forget: It’s a lot of work!

Instagram marketing for business

First things first: Instagram is not a point of sale. If you just want to post product photos there, that’s nothing more than advertising. And if that still interests you today? Exactly, nobody, especially not on social media.

Instead of obvious advertising, you should rather see Instagram as a platform on which you can fully exploit your brand identity. 

Post good content regularly. Social media creation is not a side job!

Invest time in your followers. Reply to comments, repost posts, like other posts – social media marketing is not possible without “social”.

Align your overall profile with the brand identity. Anything that doesn’t fit in 100 percent would rather stay outside.

Make sure that there is always a current link in the description

Use CTAs! Ask for specific actions: comment, mention in the story, take part in the competition, etc.

Instagram is not about quick money, but primarily about long-term emotional attachment. Every company that is on Instagram needs a little patience!

Influencer marketing on Instagram

Where marketing is done via Instagram, the next influencer is not far – right? That’s right, theoretically, because influencer marketing still works perfectly on Instagram. But: an influencer is not an influencer. A high number of followers do not say anything, because these followers can also be easily bought.

If you want to start influencer cooperation as a company, a good piece of advice: don’t go by follower numbers alone. Only contact those influencers who actually have a healthy” fan base.

Because what you want in this case is an influencer fan base that comments, likes, interacts and thereby increases your reach. You probably already suspected it – bought fans don’t.

More followers on Instagram

We can only say very clearly: better not! Because bought fans are nothing more than a number on your Instagram profile. These fans don’t give you any reach because they don’t interact with your content. Wasted money, you might say – and in the worst case, the follower bots have a negative impact.

Everyone can see at first glance that this comment is pure spam – most certainly the Instagram algorithm. Believe us: you don’t want that for your business profile.

Try a natural way, for example by relying on User Generated Content (UGC) . Interaction: check! Positive impression from the fans: check! The bottom line is that the benefit of serious methods is much greater, even if the number of followers does not increase from one second to the next.

If you still need an argument for user-generated content, how about that: According to Squarelovin ‘ , 92 percent of users have more confidence in UGC than in traditional advertising.

It’s only logical – satisfied customers are and will remain more trustworthy than marketing phrases that everyone knows are just that. How to do it shows z. B. Wizion, a provider of blue light filter glasses: