How can you care about sensitive plant

sensitive plant

Sensitive plants can be called the shame plant. These plants are also called the humble plant (Mimosa pudica). This plant is very shying when it will be touched it will rapidly close itself.

Sensitive plant as it knows by its name when someone touches this plant in response it will gently close its leaves. However, it is a tropical member of the Mimosa genus.

It has beautiful fern-like leaves and fluffy yellow or purple flowers and it is almost 18 inches tall plant. It is a unique and sensitive plant or you can say that this plant is saying Touch me not plant.

Moreover, you can check further details about Touch me not plant on the styleeon.  This plant mostly found in warm areas like native to South and Central America.

However, this mostly has seen growing up in the greenhouse because of its beautiful and remarkable leaves. As I have mentioned above, this plant is famous for its leaves.

These leaves curl itself when those have been touched.


You might think that there will be some precautions for this plant. Then you are right this plant can only be grown up next to the sunny window in your house which gives this plant direct sunlight.

You can grow this plant during summer and you can also save this plant under the bright lights. Your room temperature is very important it can be the 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, you will be surprised to know that this plant will grow outdoors in the US Department of Agricultural plant hardiness zones 9 to 11 and it has the energy to grow aggressively and also become weedy.


This plant also depends on the soil as well as the temperature. Not only these plant every plant’s growth and health depends on the soil.

This plant needs well-drained loamy soil which should be enhanced with peat moss to improve drainage. You need to water regularly to the plant to keep the soil moist but be careful not to make it waterlogged.

This plant will be susceptible when it will be overdosed with water. Growth of the plant will be enhanced with the help of high potassium liquid fertilizer diluted to about half strength with the help of water.

You need to give the above thing about two weeks when the season of growth will start. You need to avoid burn the roots and fertilize the roots before water pouring in the soil.


You will think that what kind of problem can be the problem of the plants. Sensitive plants can be affected by the common house plant pests like red spider mites, mealybugs, and thrips.

To avoid the problems from this plant just need to spray the plant directly with the help of water. This will help to remove the pests from the plant.

You might think that you can use the insecticide soap or spray that can easily kill the pests. But you will not get that advice from anyone not even from me because this will damage the leaves as well as this will make black the leaves.


Every plant has a specific time to propagate but you will be happy to know that sensitive plants can be propagated by seed indoors anytime in a year.

The seeds of this plant might be quite tough and not to nicked with the help of a knife to improve the germination success. The easiest way to improve the germination you just need to soak the seed in the hot water the whole night.

After that just place the seeds in the moist soil medium and cover with the light sprinkle of soil and place it in front of the sunny window or a warm and bright location.

Seeds might take about a week to germinate if it will take the water and light.


Sensitive plant is famous because of its sensitivity and it needs light and water timely to grow up. This plant is very beautiful and people like to have them in their house as home décor.

This plant needs care and you can say that well attention to see its beauty. You will love this plant.